Why I love the ‘gender pay gap’

I’m laughing my ass of over the never ending discussion about the so called ‘gender pay gap’. Feminists want to prove by this that women are systematically discriminated against regarding their paycheck/wages, based solely on their gender. Men’s rights activists (MRA) want to prove that this ‘gap’ doesn’t exist at all, or that it is minuscule if it is there at all.

I claim, the gender pay gap exists, but it proves something entirely different than the feminists and/or Social Justice Warriors (SJW) want to deduce from it.

There’s basically no prove that any women, with the same qualifications as a man, working the same job, is paid less. It’s even more ridiculous to suggest that this is common practice. Now the feminists and SJW’s want to explain this away somehow. One time they claim that it’s impossible to proof, because the individual paychecks are confidential. This may be correct in many cases, but in mid-size or larger companies, the salaries are not determined by one sole boss, but usually by a group of managers AND the human resources department. Even if women are rarer in the management ranks, the HR departments employ lots of women. Suffice to say, that if one individual employee cries “gender discrimination”, the next morning you’ll see union representatives, district attorneys and the press parading through the parking lot with placards, court orders and microphones in hand.

Another favorite excuse is, that occupational classifications are made to the disadvantage of women, so that the professional groups they are dominant in are systematically paid less than such groups where men are dominant. You can easily compare salaries and wages inside a professional group, but not in between such groups. Such professional groups and/or occupational categories were invented in order to define such things as required professional education, certificates, health and occupational risks and so forth, so that an individual’s occupation can be mapped to a salary and benefit structure inside this group. Two professional groups like e.g. health workers and auto workers are just not comparable. It’s just another distraction. And btw., we all live in market economies, where the price of work also depends on supply and demand.

If you analyze the studies about the gender pay gap without ideological dishonesty, the results are:

1. More women prefer to work in professional groups that are paid sub-par wages and salaries (more social work than technical work).
2. More women in general rather work in part-time jobs than in full-time jobs. Many ‘pay gap’ publications ignore this.
3. Women work less overtime compared to men.
4. Fewer women work in dangerous and/or dirty jobs.
5. Women often are less flexible regarding work times; they don’t want to go on business trips if they have kids at home; they are also less likely to work on an unregulated schedule.
6. Women have on average less/lower professional qualifications than men.
7. Women are sick more often and are on leave or out of a job for long times (often due to child birth or child rearing).
8. Women are way more represented in small companies, which pay (men AND women) lower wages/salaries compared to most mid-size or big companies.

If men would use the same propaganda methods as feminists and SJW’s, it would sound like this:
Women on average are stupider, lazier, 9 to 5 fetishists and more on leave than men, that’s why they get paid less, and rightfully so.

Now, most men wouldn’t actually say this, because it sounds condescending and is derogatory. Moreover, we’d then have to sleep on the couch, which is uncomfortable and sexually unsatisfactory. Believe it or not, most men want to live in peace with their women and don’t aspire to quarrel, especially if nobody can win. By implication that means, if women really want to close the ‘gender pay gap’, they are the only ones who can do it. They just have to reverse or eliminate the 8 points above. Get to work and study technical subjects, work full-time jobs with overtime in dirty and dangerous jobs, pop out the babies adjacent to a child care center and leave them there, or don’t bother with reproduction at all. Under these conditions, women’s earnings will increase and be on par with men. These are the real, rational results of these studies and that’s why I “love” the ‘gender pay gap’.

A simple workman knows that he can’t earn as much as a director or board member. His request to earn that much might be acknowledged with a sad smile (look at that poor bugger) or answered with a rude “get off my lawn!”. If he has, from childhood, comparable opportunities for education and qualification, if he chooses the right academic degree and job, is willing to devote his time and intelligence towards his targets, then one day he may have the chance to become a top executive (with lots of luck). Apparently, kids from poor families have less opportunities than rich kids; but there’s no bug in our system that makes it harder for girls than for boys.

If the ‘gender pay gap’ was as dramatic as it is bemoaned by feminists, you’d expect that millions of women picked scraps out of garbage cans and they were homeless en masse, sleeping on the sidewalks of our cities. But that’s not the case – most homeless people are men. Women have on average a higher household income than men, because they represent basically 100% of all recipients of alimony and child support payments. They get money just like that, no job required. I never heard feminists or SJW’s complain about that, but more and more men do.

The repeated propaganda of the ‘gender pay gap’ by feminists and SJW’s has only one goal: Same pay for less work for women.