Why the lion rests in the sun and has no refrigerator

Lions have a clear definition of responsibilities. The Females care for the cubs and hunt. The Male is the soldier, they put competitors and other potential attackers to rout and protect the whole pride. Like most soldiers, the lion has almost nothing to do and rests in the sun, because in case of a threat he will need all his strength. Since he has no refrigerator, he has to wait until the lionesses killed prey, so he can eat. Then he shows, with loud roars and a few strokes of his paws, that he’s the boss and eats first. The remainder is left for his pride. As long as there’s nothing else to do, he fucks his lionesses – up to a hundred times a day!!!

Humans don’t share their workload this way. The human female is usually at home, caring for the kids; reportedly they were also responsible for the gathering in early times. The male was always the hunter AND the soldier or protector. Even though the human male is so busy and has not much time to relax, he invented the refrigerator decades ago. In modern times, man hunts the “prey” money rather in the office than in the wild and leaves every penny he doesn’t need for his own survival for his lovely wife to spend on herself and their lovely kids. Man is no lion, well, a pet lion at best.

Besides the fine-boned fingers, lions are lacking the proper frontal lobes in their brains, which are needed to invent a refrigerator, or to build streets, cars, houses and so on. The lion busies himself with eating, sleeping and fucking; fights are quite rare. If he however looses a fight, he’ll either be dead or might be forced to roam through life just by himself. Kind of an involuntary MGTOW. After the ex-husband lost the fight at family court (which is almost always the case), he’s also usually alone. Furthermore, he has to hand over his prey (money) to his “lovely ex-wife” and his “lovely ex-kids” who might only remember him if they need more money.

Why don’t we guys do it like the lions? Like the male lion, we are bigger and stronger than the ladies and what guy doesn’t dream of a harem and as much sex as we want everyday? Unfortunately, polygamy hasn’t established itself in human society. How nice would that be, if every man had multiple women who all work (hunt); ourselves only protecting the house, sleep, eat and had as much sex as we wanted and were physically able to have. Sadly that’s not the case, and some of us are howling “why-oh-why”.

OK, so the lion has no refrigerator, because he’s just unable to invent or build such a thing. No amount of training or education will change that; he just can’t. But at least his lionesses can hunt (work), so that he doesn’t need to bother with that – or only in few situations.

The human male is able to invent and build a refrigerator, as he has invented and built basically everything in our civilizations. The women claim they can do that as well, if we just let them. But I think thousands of years of history is proof enough that this claim is invalid. The last decades, when women have been helped in every which way and even pushed into education, research and the workplace, have led to ridiculously meager results. Just about 5-10% of all patents are granted to women, even much less if you look for patents applied for by women only. Where are all the female farmers, ranchers, masons, mechanics, engineers and so on? The simple fact is, in the grand scheme of things, they just can’t do it. No matter how much blame and shame the feminists dish out to men, the society at large and the universe, they simply can’t do it. That means we men have to it, because if we didn’t, humankind would have starved and become extinguished in the stone age already.

You would expect nowadays, that we’re off well enough, surplus everywhere, enough food, efficient production of goods, road, houses, cars wherever you look, so that we men wouldn’t have to slave away that much any more. Didn’t happen; doesn’t happen. For some insane reason we don’t work only around 2 hours per day (which would be enough to sustain our current lifestyle), but still toil and moil for 7-8 hours a day with ever decreasing pay (net-pay decreases for decades already). What’s wrong with us?

The lefty economists pretend to know that the fault is the extreme cut-throat capitalism, which IMO is in part correct, hence we have to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor even more, which IMO is largely incorrect. I think the main problem is that we have become greedy consumerists. My grandmas and grand-aunts have kept their dowry (like bed sheets, porcelain, furniture,…) well maintained until the end of their life. They didn’t have the need to buy new stuff all the time. They insisted that their 10 year old TV or washing machine must be repaired, not thrown out to buy a new model; their gas stove lasted over 40 years, their bicycles just as long. We baby-boomers and the younger generations have – en masse – embraced consumerism to the extreme. Every three years we need a new car, each year the latest cell phone model, and if it wasn’t enough already, we get a second car and a spare cell phone. And because “tight is right”, no wonder why all this crap must be produced in 3rd world countries by poor sods who have to work for 10 cents per hour.

Progress is good, but we use up all these assets as fast as we can produce them in our throw-away cultures. Then we have to struggle and work harder just to buy other stuff that we soon throw away again. No rest, relaxing became a business. In the process, we are producing mountains of trash and release megatons of CO2 into our atmosphere. That is how real insanity looks like. Whenever I get seduced to buy something new, which I don’t really need, I think of the lion. I’d rather sit in the sun with a full belly than to fight for resources which we just burn or throw away.