Husbands are high-stakes gamblers

Look at what high risks husbands accept. The risk of divorce is around 50%, trending upwards. Especially if you were married a longer time, like 10 years plus, you basically always have to pay alimony to your ex-wife for the rest of your life. For most low and middle income earners that means they are bankrupt and a slave all their life. While you’re married you usually have paid for everything anyway, but after divorce you’ll often have not enough left to live on for yourself.

In case you have kids it’s even worse. Even middle and high income earners will not have enough left for a vacation, let alone for a few luxury articles here and there. Since almost always your ex-wife – by order of family court – will be the caretaker of your kids, you will only see them every other weekend, if at all. Then there are all the typical problems your kids will have when they are raised by a single mother. Quite often the father is asked to pay for the failures of the mother in addition to regular child support. It’s a never ending nightmare.

Look at a normal investor in stocks. He buys and sells shares, often based on “tips” of his investment adviser. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he looses. If he has no clue about investing, his gains will be rather small, the yield being close to the inflation rate. At the end of the day the profits are meager if he doesn’t have a streak of luck. The smarter unsophisticated investor goes into dividend funds and may achieve 3 to 7% above inflation rate per year.

However, high-stakes investors are often placing bets – call/put options, currency speculation, high frequency trading, etc. It’s possible to achieve 2 or 3 digit gains in minutes, hours or days. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose – sometimes you loose it all. It’s like a casino – red or black?

As already stated, the husband usually pays almost everything for his wife. Even the groceries and the bigger apartment already cost a lot, but most women aren’t happy with that alone. The ole harpy wants to go on vacation, weekend activities, her stylish clothes and her car are also paid by you. At least 500 bucks a month are gone, usually it’s more like a grand. If you’re an average earner, she may cost you 60% of your income. You’re left with 40%, the bare minimum to survive. After a divorce this ratio often doesn’t change much; you still have the bare minimum to survive, but sexual services, cleaning and cooking are gone.

For the money you give to your wife, you could, in many countries, have a ‘professional short time’ each day or live it up every weekend in a nice ‘sauna club’.

If you instead invest that money like a normal investor and are not too stupid, you could possibly retire after around 25 years.

High-stakes investors and gamblers have a 50:50 chance, like a husband. Good luck and bad luck have a distribution like a bell curve, very few are really lucky or really unlucky. For most people nothing much changes. Oh sorry, I was wrong here; the last sentence is wrong, unfortunately. Half of all gamblers – be it marriage, casino or high-stakes investors – loose everything. They loose their house, their health, sometimes their freedom and their job. Often they pay the rest of their life for their errors. Of the other half, many loose quite a bit of money. The few winners are often not known.


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