What a shame for the MHRM

The world’s media is falsely accusing Roosh V to promote ‘legal rape’ and insinuates that he and his readers may actually rape women. And what does the self proclaimed ‘world’s largest MHRM group’ do? Or the left wing MRA? Did they throw back dirt at the media? Did they back Roosh up and point out that these accusations against him are as false as so many of these completely made up rape accusations we heard over the last years from universities in the USA, England and elsewhere? NOPE, they try to distance themselves from Roosh, find a gazillion reasons why “he’s not one of us, never has been, never will be” and that his ideas run counter to what a “real MHRM” would promote. They care more for that the media dubs Roosh as an MRA, than that the media dubs him as a rape promoter. Again and again, you guys just don’t get it, and it’s a shame. Not only have you lost the opportunity to piggyback on a large media scandal in order to get the ‘men’s rights’ message out, but even worse, you have done the opposite of what you pretend to fight for. You have thrown him to the wolves of the feminist media, trying to save your own behind. What a shame !!!

To make it clear once more, Roosh did not do anything illegal, nor did he plan anything illegal. The ‘art to seduce women’ is as old as mankind and certainly wasn’t invented by Roosh. In my view, he just updated the strategies to today’s situation in western countries. And he did a fine job, otherwise he’d be ignored and wouldn’t make a penny with his books and seminars. He is a good capitalist, and has a very good sense of publicity and self-propaganda. Even if you claim that his ‘instructions’ are worthless, as worthless as ‘Bach flower therapy’ or any other new age stuff that’s sold, what’s your fucking point. As long as his customers are happy and don’t complain about being ripped off, it’s the free market baby.

Roosh’s how-to-stop-rape article is obviously satire, and if you – especially if you call yourself a journalist – don’t get this, you’re just a fucking moron. Go stand in the corner for 5 minutes and feel ashamed of yourselves. As we have experienced now for many many years, feminists in the media try to take the piss out of the various men’s rights movements. Right now, as feminists and the Left try to smooth over the Cologne incidents and the rapes and murders in Sweden by ‘immigrants’, they grab at every straw to throw men under the bus. Roosh’s meetups must have been like a gift from heaven for the authoritarian leftists, because they began to run out of excuses for the real rapes that happened in Sweden, Germany and other European places. They desperately needed to smear a fake rapist again. For them he’s just the latest version of the Oktoberfest excuse.

Roosh is a part of the MRM, even if he denies it. He doesn’t only write about it, but he executes his right to seduce women in order to have sex with them. He isn’t stupid and knows that it is a risk, especially since lots of false rape claims have been published recently. I guess it’s fair to assume that Roosh wrote his how-to-stop-rape article to point out the hypocrisy of the feminists and knew that it will create outrage. You may criticize him for not putting enough emphasis on the topic of possible false rape claims after a seduction in his articles, but I think he just has another way of dealing with these issues, without whining. A writer on his site says: “Men – stop asking for change. Just make it.”. On the other hand, rape claims are as rare as ever, according to police reports around the world. The only thing that’s increasing is the media hype, and they have proven so many times now, that they don’t care if a real rape happened or not. Rape sells, newspapers, clicks, ad-impressions,…it sells like murder, it sells like terrorism…it sells, sells, sells.

As a MGTOW, I don’t subscribe to Roosh’s methods. One, because I think it’s not worth the effort (for me), Two, because I get seduced by women, occasionally, even though I’m an old fart, Three, because if I only want to have sex, I just go to the respective service providers who are in walking distance from my home.


One thought on “What a shame for the MHRM

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