It’s always da menz fault

or, the simple doctrine of feminism

A contemplation on this article on spiked.

If, for a change, a women is at fault, there must be, by definition, an evil man in the background who forced her to do it. My headline is expressed by feminists with a single catchphrase : patriarchy.

It’s obvious why this is a simple, vile doctrine. They put that ALL men are ALWAYS at fault and have been forever. It’s our fault that we have roads and cars and therefor thousands of traffic accidents happen every year. See, even if a female driver kills someone in an accident, it’s still the men’s fault. If we’d all walk, there would be no road fatalities. That’s pure logic, isn’t it. If we wouldn’t build houses, no one would fall from the roof when he puts the tiles on. Caves don’t have to be built, they exist already and cost nothing. Mobile phones also were invented by men and are now manufactured in these disgraceful slave factories in Asia, that’s why men are responsible for slavery. It’s all so obvious, isn’t it.

If from tomorrow on, in a feminist state, all leaders are women, isn’t it obvious that roads and cars will be safe, that there will be no more traffic fatalities, that houses will rise up magically by themselves and that any and all products will be built by happy workers (these can still be male, women aren’t all that much into working for money) who will be paid a fair wage – and that’s why feminism is good for men as well, hahaha. Why would anyone ask for proof how this could work, you have to believe it, and this blind faith is called Feminism. If someone asks for evidence, or claims that this is rather Utopian, he must be a heretic and is to be exorcised or burned at the stake – today only on the pyre of ‘hate speech’ on Twatter, Facepalm or YouTube – who knows what comes next. Maybe in the not so distant future, a man who makes a women feel uncomfortable will be sentenced to a few months of jail time or is not allowed to use the internet for a few years. Oh wait, this is happening already – google the name “Gregory Alan Elliott” – so, can we call Canada a totalitarian feminist state now?

Anyway, men have supposedly invented this ‘evil’ capitalism. That’s why these mean male capitalists must be deprived of their power and replaced by women, obviously. Only women can do ‘good’ capitalism. Beige-brown anti-racist cars on female-friendly pink tar are so much safer. Houses that look like boobs can be built without any safety concerns. Let’s make all consumer products pink, women like that. The president or head of parliament should always be female and is to be addressed as “Reverend Mother” or “Mother Superior”. All women, in each and every hierarchy must be above men and have to be addressed by all men with respect and reverence. It doesn’t really matter if a female leader is actually a mother or not (like Merkel in Germany, who doesn’t have children but is called ‘Mother Merkel’). Maybe I laid it on a bit thick here, but that’s what muggy feminist dreams are made of.

With few exceptions, everything in gender studies and feminism is feelings or ‘female intuition’. It’s all devoid of logic (besides postmodern logic, which is irrational), and their facts and data and studies are typically fake, because actual facts and data do not support the feminist doctrine. Hundreds of years of enlightenment caused an evolution in thinking. Most people in the western countries just don’t really believe what is written in some holy book or what is preached from the pulpit. Even devout Christians/Muslims usually don’t believe word for word what is written, but they have a need to believe in something good, predominantly the good in themselves, and that’s what the various religions in our cultures provide and support. Feminists believe in the inherent good in Feminism, not because it’s based on logic, but because it’s irrational.

Even Atheists and others who have no interest in religion often have the need to believe in something. Scientology, natural healing, Tarot cards, zodiac signs, esotericism, and the list goes on and on. Many also believe in The science, The progress, The capitalism, The socialism, another never ending list. In our early religions, the non-believers or heretics were often killed or ousted. The feminism will become as totalitarian as ISIS if we don’t stop it.

The enlightenment lead to the loss of deep religious beliefs in many people, resulting in an emptiness that calls to be filled by something. Generally, people with a higher than average IQ prefer reason, rationality, truth, science and research, because they have a chance to make an achievement here. Lower IQ people typically follow the trend as long as they see some kind of benefit in it. That’s the crux of the matter. Neo-capitalism (or neo-liberalism) is great for innovations, mainly for better and new consumer products, but over time it moves all the money to very few very rich people and the unwashed masses have nothing or very little. Due to the olden policies of inheritance, the system is not flexible enough. It also encourages environmental pollution, because the truly Rich can just buy the politicians and policies they want. The dream of ever lasting growth, that everyone has a fair chance of a good life if he makes an effort, went to die slowly since the 1980’s. Now we have one banking crisis following another financial crisis and the regular worker has to pay for it all.

The disillusionment with the capitalist dream left an emptiness that was filled by the feminist doctrine of salvation. Many women and quite a number of men believe that. The proponents of feminism are rather skillful. Similar to the brown shirted Pied Pipers in Germany’s 1930’s they use refined methods of indoctrination and political propaganda in order to establish the feminist doctrine. Today’s men could be seen like the Jews in the 3rd Reich; they wear a feminist Star of David just because they are male, guilt must not be proven, it is assumed and undeniable. Some ‘good feminist ally’ men believe that they only have to submit to the dogma and everything will be fine. Well, some of these feminists who promise salvation and are required reading in gender study courses, have been thinking aloud about concentration camps for men and reducing the male population by 90%. If that’s not reason enough to finally wake up, what else can I say? Many men who support feminism still think the patriarchs and evil capitalists are the other guys. How stupid are you?

We humans are the only species which can permanently transform its environment. Industrialization and research allowed us ever more control over nature. What we have overlooked with our neo-capitalism/liberalism and our addiction to consumer goods is, that we destroy ourselves and our natural resources. The simple belief that this somehow is resolved – just like magic, that climate problems are god’s problem and everlasting growth will make everybody rich is just insane or at least very naive. We need to make evolutionary changes or we regress. Using our wits, logic, science, ingenuity and the insight that freedom has it’s limits, but we have to keep pushing it’s borders, there’s a good chance we can make it. Using religion to go forward, believing in the salvation of feminism, is regression.