Feminism’s fight against biology

This is the fight Feminism fought from the very beginning. Childbearing was not only a risky business but also tied the women to her home. There certainly was jealousy. Not penis envy, but envy of the men’s opportunities outside the house, where they could do all sorts of interesting things, achieve hero status, conquer new worlds, make a fortune. Women would die at home during childbirth, men would die fighting savages or simply at work. Life has changed dramatically over the last 100 years for women, for men not so much. The maternal death rate may still be 1 in 50 in some 3rd world countries, but in the west it’s more like 1 in 10,000 or better.

Until the 1930’s the maternal death rate in England was around 0.4-0.5%, today it’s 0.005%, one hundred times lower. There was some valid reason for women to push men to minimize their risks through medical procedures and to develop reliable birth control methods that prevent them from having one baby after the other. Although ‘the pill’, which was available since the 60’s, had an additional effect on the maternity death rate (which was way down by then already) it’s main effect was being an enabler of the feminist dream to have no kids at all. No kids means not tied to the hearth, to be like men, to go on adventures, to make big money, independent of places and people.

But there are problems. The ladies always knew that men are on average much stronger than women. But office work and the like looked easy. To open a clothes shop seemed to be no problem at all. Why should women not succeed? Why would they be any different to men if they were free to do what they wanted? Men had to learn how to fight, women don’t. I don’t mean only to fight physically against an enemy. Men had to learn how to compete against other men mainly to get women, from the first day there were humans. Men’s selector for choosing a women is first and foremost beauty. Women choose the best provider. That’s why men are used to compete against other men to become the best provider. Poor providers get no women or only ugly girls. Good providers get the beauties. Women don’t have to fight for men, they only have to choose among the willing. Women up the ante only by pretending to be more beautiful than they really are. They use makeup, dresses and hairstyles to look better than their peers, in order to attain the attraction of the best providers.

This strategy doesn’t work so good in the workplace or in business. Men competing against each other with skills, strength, endurance versus women who compete with looks. This is a mismatched competition without winners. Out of this mismatch came the need for women to move the goalposts. They needed education and training in order to compete with men, but this was not enough. Competition comes natural to men, but not to women. There are two ways to resolve this: Train women to be as competitive as men, or force men to become less competitive. The first solution seems to be preferred by dominant lesbians as it comes natural to them. The second solution is what we are facing now with genderism and gender mainstreaming. The Genderistas and feminists want to make men like women, so that they can compete with these feminized men and win.

It looks like women win in school and universities, but they don’t. They may have better grades and represent the majority of the student body, but after graduation the games start anew. Whether it’s physical competition for bricklayers or mental competition for computer programmers, the biological setup for men stays alive even if their natural tendencies are suppressed and they are disadvantaged at school and uni. Those who major in English, women’s studies or other liberal arts degrees have one thing in common. They typically don’t get any work. A small percentage of them inherits the teacher position, but most of them work a menial job which is not related to their degree. For most of the degrees that lead to high paying jobs, women can not compete and leave the field to men.

The seemingly never ending spiral continues. After we have privileged women to a point where they are the clear majority of academic degree holders, we now have to put them into high ranking jobs with a women’s quota. Qualification doesn’t count anymore, the quota is more important. Even if women have all the freedom to choose any job they want, they cannot close the gender pay gap. They can’t, ever, unless they keep on circling this spiral and disadvantage and suppress men again and again.

Another spiral is the invented ‘rape epidemic’. The rules of our western judicial systems are e.g. that a crime has to proven beyond reasonable doubt. We rather let a criminal go free as to incarcerate an innocent person. Of course a real rape victim won’t like the outcome of such a trial, if her only evidence was “she said” and he has to say nothing at all to stay free. Feminists want to take ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ away from the criminal trial if the supposed crime is perpetrated against women. All kinds of propaganda methods are used to achieve this. From the push to prosecute each and every rape case, even if there’s no evidence, just to hurt some men, over meddling in the law books to the disadvantage of men, to inventing some bogus “yes means yes” rule that no reasonable person can obey.

The “yes means yes” (or ‘no means no’ or whateverthefucktheycallit) demonstrates again the denial of biology. You’d need a boat load full of Viagra or something stronger to even get through the foreplay with a hard-on, if you managed to not kill yourself by banging your head against the wall because of the stupidity of it.

One thing the feminists may have never thought about thoroughly is the effect of their actions on the demographics. Feminism is a death cult. If women don’t want to have kids and rather go to work, there will be no one to pay your old age pension. There will be no next generation, or one that is only half as numerous as yours. All the kids that were not born because of birth control, abortion and the general destruction of the family, leave a big gap in all the elaborate social systems we have created. Germany thinks it can replace their own unborn babies with immigrants and will fail horrendously.

Feminism is a death cult because

  • birth rates in western or westernized countries are way below replacement levels.
  • they promote medical innovations not to safely have a sufficient number of babies with the lowest maternal death rate ever in history, but to promote promiscuity with the help of birth control and abortions.

Feminism denies biology because

  • Gender mainstreaming is a (non-scientific) cultural ideology that runs counter to the scientific understanding of human biology.
  • Marriage is between a man and a woman as an agreement to stay together in order to start a new family with kids – even if that doesn’t work out all the time. It is not a notary seal on the confession of two people of their love to each other. A homosexual couple has no reason to become married. We even forbid heterosexual couples to get married and have kids if they are too closely related – for a biological reason!
  • Our common sense approach for millennia was to see boys and girls, men and women as different. For a regular person there’s not much scientific biological proof needed besides your own eyes. We have also plenty of proof that the minds of males and females are different, most likely due to evolution. The feminist/genderist dogma of declaring everything equal has no scientific proof what so ever, it is pure propaganda.
  • Sex is not negotiated in front of a notary public or with a cellphone app. It is negotiated in private between two people who like to have sex, with and without words, with gestures, with pheromones, with physical reactions to the touch of the partner, etc. If sex partners have misunderstandings they learn or need therapy in some cases. Unless you have a sex offender who is unable/unwilling to suppress his narcissistic urges, a judge or jail is totally uncalled for.
  • There is no artificial womb which can have your babies. Even if there was one, these kids would also need their two parents for the first 5-7 years of their live, otherwise they can not develop properly.
  • Nobody ‘fat shames’ you. If you’re obese enough that everyone can see it, you are unhealthy. Notwithstanding your stubbornness to define your fat rolls as beautiful, and although your incur plenty of unnecessary costs in a socialized medical system, people will usually support you to become healthy. Obese women usually find no good providers as men, except for some weirdos. Healthy women are more beautiful than unhealthy women – period. You can’t make men like unhealthy women, no matter what you say or how shameless you try to reason, it just doesn’t work.



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