Sterile Promiscuity…

…is when everyone’s fucking around like rabbits, but reproduction rates are at an all time low.

Talking about rabbits. While we’re going further down the rabbit hole, diving into the confusion and chaos of our modern day existence, loosing all sense of history and what was once good and bad, some of us stop and think. How come the old values have been abandoned and the new values make no sense to us? How could this bright new future with these new values of limitless tolerance, multiculturalism, female domination and social programs for each and everyone and their pets, look like? More and more people get at least a gut feeling that this will not be the promised land, a few philosophers and even some politicians figured out – with logic, reason and evidence – that this utopia will and can never exist.

I’m looking back at the last 100 years for my analysis. That is because my grandparents were born in that time and I was able to speak to them at family gatherings, when they remembered and retold stories of the time they grew up and I could get a feel for what it was like to live in these times. My grandparents were born shortly before WW1 and fought in WW2. My parents were born shortly before/during WW2. When my grandparents were born, average life expectancy in Germany was 50-60 years, today it is 80-90 years. I’m in my mid 50’s now; a hundred years ago I’d have saved up money for my proper funeral at this age.

Around 1910, apartments were heated with a coal stove which was usually also used for cooking. If you wanted a hot bath, someone had to heat a few gallons of water on the stove. The coals were in the cellar of the building and had to be carried upstairs every day. Electricity was rare, most people still used petroleum lights. Even when electricity became widely available after WW1, many simple workers couldn’t afford it. All laundry was done by hand and the iron was filled with hot coal from the stove. Fresh food had to be bought daily from the market, a butcher, baker, etc. Every women learned how to sew and patch up socks and clothes. One of my great-grandfathers was a carpenter and had one single suit all his life. Couples had on average 3-4 kids. Now you can imagine that the day of a wife a 100 years ago was quite busy. Their husbands worked typically 10 hours per day as well.

Compare that with today. Heating and cooling is fully automated. A hot bath or warm shower? Just turn the faucet. Washing machine and dryer, just load and unload. A weekly trip to the supermarket and the refrigerator is full again. Nobody patches up clothes anymore, it’s cheaper to buy new stuff. I don’t remember more than a single couple in my circle of friends and relatives who has more than one kid. The actual workload of a housewife is one or two hours per day (-80%), their husbands still work 8 hours (-20%). Consider as well, who usually earned the money for the heater, air-condition system, washer, dryer, refrigerator, station wagon and clothes which are thrown away so regularly. Yep, the male work slave husband who is at the same time responsible for all the evils in the world, according to feminists.

OK, so the stay-at-home-mum had her workload reduced by 80%, the white-male-privileged husband by 20%, compared to 100 years ago. Who’s got the better deal in the electrical-industrial revolution? According to feminists, the men got the better deal, a rationale that is mathematically illiterate, to say the least. Women had more and more free time due to automation of the household, but their labor force participation rate rose only slowly to around 60% today, whereas men’s participation rate stayed at around 75-80%. It seems to me that a good part of today’s women prefer to live of their husband’s salary or his alimony or government largess for single mothers instead of being “strong and independent” women.

Now, most men don’t complain about their women not working enough. As long as you can pay your bills and have a happy home, all is well. Our culture has trained us to be white knights and this hasn’t changed much for the last 100 years. Our work changed, we need less muscle power and more brain power. But with the electrical-industrial revolution a new religion emerged. Consumerism, a religion where money is god and buying useless stuff is your prayer. It has devastating effects on each and everyone, the whole society and the environment. Just imagine if women had decided to go a different way; to invest more time in their young children and go to work 4 to 8 hours per day as soon as their kids were old enough. Imagine if they had decided to save money, invest it and being able to contribute to the couple’s retirement funds. Or imagine they had decided to allow their husbands to work less (compensating the loss with their own salary) in order to give him more time with the kids. Or imagine – unicorns, butterflies and rainbows aside – they had decided to have 2 to 3 kids, because they could afford it now and it would keep their civilization alive. Didn’t happen, obviously.

But let’s get back to my headline, which I remember from one recent Stefan Molyneux YouTube talk. In the 60’s the birth control pill became available and had severe effects on the fabric of the family and the sexuality of women. Women had 6 hours free time per day and could now fuck around, cuckold dear old hubby, without risking to be found out. Ten years later they demanded that fucking around is their right and declared that to be the sexual revolution. They also taught their daughters (my contemporaries) that fucking around is OK, before, during and after a marriage. After voting rights, the rights to education and workplace equality, the equal right to fuck around was demanded. And after we men had our well earned Saturday afternoon slumber, and before we could get back to wage slavery on Monday, Sunday morning, “faultless divorce” was proclaimed to be the modern ideology and law of the land. I guess we couldn’t hear it, because the church bells of the Protestants happily drowned it out.

This began the era of total, unrestricted freedom for women and abject slavery for men. Women could become married for a while (as long as it was fun), decide to divorce and become recipients of alimony for the rest of their lives. They could also decide to get higher education, work for a few years and become a single mother whenever they wanted, again, supported by the unconsenting sperm donor or by the state. Women also recognized that they hold the absolute majority of votes, which enables them to push through any law that benefits them; no arguments and reason needed, whining loud and long enough is sufficient. Effectively women can make any man a cuck by law and have him pay for it until he dies. It’s even democratic, why do you complain about it, you privileged white male?

Women can now have one single kid and live on alimony and child support or on the dole all their life. They can drop off the kid at a government paid kindergarten or school in the morning, do their 1-2 hours of housework, fart into their sofa while watching idiocracy TV all day, pick up their kid in the evening, plant it in front of the TV and go out with their friends and have a few drinks. They have no care in the world but to find new reasons to complain about how discriminated and disadvantaged they are. Try again to compare this with the average life 100 years ago. All this is paid for by working men who get their salaries confiscated by the socialist state one way or another. Only the poorest, most uneducated women have good reasons to get more than one child, because child support is rolling in from the government coffers, and they don’t have to actually spend it on their kids. That’s why sterile promiscuity is such an apt description of the status quo.

Men are unable to defend themselves against this racket. MGTOW is a way to defend yourself against the direct extortion racket of a woman. But it should be obvious that this is an individual solution, not a social solution. I can’t imagine what Japan will look like a hundred years from now. A few million doters sitting on their island playing Go?

Btw., I noticed that Paul Elam, AVFM’s chief guru, is recently playing to the MGTOW crowd in his “An ear for men” YouTube videos. Not too long ago he was shaming and blaming MGTOW’s for every evil in the world. I can only guess what’s behind this. And my guess is, that he and his companions have managed to truly piss off the last PUA who was somewhat sympathetic towards AVFM with his denunciation of RooshV a few months ago. Now he needs fresh bodies to pander his bullshit to and ask for donations. Well, fellow MGTOW’s, beware of the Pied Piper.

If any of the MRM/MRA groups would be politically significant, I’d pay them some attention. But none of them are and we should have recognized by now that the true political fight is not as a men’s rights activist but that we have to survive socialism. As long as socialist governments can steal your hard earned money and distribute it to every feel-good cause they dream up, nothing will change. As long as socialism is voted for by the large majority of the electorate, logic, reason and evidence has no part in the political dispute. Reports of its impending death by means of a market crash are greatly exaggerated. They can never run out of money, like some Libertarians or Anarchist believe. Money is not real, it’s purely virtual, they can always make more of it, any time. Socialism, like any other bad ideology, can be ended by war, by a revolution or slowly fall into decline as we see it currently. You know a better way, genius? Let me know, but remember : logic, reason and evidence.


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