Declare Nov. 9 international Pepe day

The resistance has awoken and is starting to win. Let’s commemorate this day as the first step to eliminate Marxism and it’s derivatives like Socialism, Feminism, Genderism. We should also remember which strategies and tactics made our decline into Marxist ideologies possible and prevent future generations to fall into these traps. Globalism, Multiculturalism, political correctness and fantasies about a borderless world belong to these harmful propaganda methods that corrupt and destroy societies.


Strong and smart people made civilization, not weak, whiny grievance mongers. Not only do we have to make America great again, but we have to make the western world greater and better. We have to identify the harmful ideas that led us into decline, paint them on a wall of shame and headline them with #NeverAgain, the same way we did it with the inhuman ideas of National Socialism around 70 years ago. As President elect Donald Trump said, we have to drain the swamp, we have to fight against the rot that has befallen our western civilization.

This swamp of poisoned minds is much more prevalent in Europe, where a large majority is still comfortably numb, despite being at risk of loosing the whole continent to 3rd world ideology. I hope Trump will be as harsh and frank as he can muster when he meets his European counterparts, especially Merkel, Juncker and their ilk. Tough love is often the only option when the little ones go astray. Again, we have to pull ourselves out of the swamp, drain it and prevent to fall back into the rot. Congratulations to Mr. Trump, who had the audacity to stand up against the power addicts in politics and finance, and beat them – mind you, by a small margin only.

Pepe the frog, as an internet meme, stands for the power of the people to come together in free speech and build a coalition against oppressors of free speech. Free speech is a prerequisite for a great and improving society. Oppressive progressivism has failed and led us into a decline. It would also be a great signal to make 11/9 international Pepe day. We will always remember 9/11 as the date when Muslim ideologues declared war against the free western world. By switching the dates, we signal that we will defend our societies against oppressive ideologies like Islam and Marxism.