It’s similar to mansplaining, just seen from the other side of the aisle. Feminists use the word mansplaining to point out that (some/all?) men believe to be superior to women and feel the need to explain to women the simplest things in the world, right down to tautologies. Although this kind of mansplaining might happen, rarely I might add, Feminists world view is often so skewed, one actually has to explain to them that their ideology is in stark contrast to reality, aka the scientific world view.

Leftsplaining is going on since the ideas of Marx became popular and has become a popular ‘sports’ since the late 60’s. The Lefties insist that regular folks and especially ‘the evil right’ just have no clue about the eternal wisdom of Marx’s words, that the ‘operating system’ of their brains needs a major update into modernity. Not only do Lefties exude their feeling of superiority at any given moment, they actually believe that their knowledge about Marxism is entirely unknown or at least misunderstood by the unwashed masses. So, they have to tirelessly explain the profound insights of Marxist theology to everyone else, ignorant of the fact that proof of the accomplishments of their ideology is spurious – to say the least – if not outright false in the face of reality.

In the wake of the Trumpening that just happened, the politicians of the Left and their populist surrogates in the media believe and decry that they were unable to increase the public’s understanding and acceptance of their goals, which undoubtedly 😉 are for the benefit of the entire human race. In Lefties world, these un-enlightened people out there who didn’t vote for their Divine Lady Savior, must be stupid brutes, more chimpanzee than human, or devil worshipers of one kind or another. Some of them believe that they have to increase their efforts and improve their communication strategies, in order to convince these backward people of the divine wisdom of Marx and his fellow socialists. Others believe that these only half-human Trump supporters must have some sense punched into their heads – literally until these heads either concede or break. Still others believe that only cleansing fires might help and burn flags, shops, cars, policemen and anything else they find on the streets.

The Left can, for the life of them, not understand that those who oppose them might have a reasonable case. In their minds, all the problems of the world can be solved by adherence to their holy books, starting with “Das Kapital”. Some of them argue now that the minds of their opponents have been poisoned by Breitbartian news, so in consequence these right wing websites should be shut down or at least publicly marked as “fake news”. The media, which is 95% left wing, wants their distressed sheeple to come ‘home’. Home is Plato’s cave, where they can calmly philosophize about the shadows on the wall in their fantasy world and ignore the outside world for the time being. Call to order, regroup, reinforce beliefs, make the whole world Plato’s cave in 4 years, is their battle cry.

Now we know that mansplaining rarely works. Feminists who have encapsulated themselves in their insane believe system like a cult, are just not open any more to reason and evidence. Mankind can be rational but is very vulnerable to Irrationality. Even those who stand firm on the side of Rationality must admit that they don’t know everything and may never will. These gaps in scientific knowledge are used and abused by all kinds of charlatans since mankind exists. The Leftsplainers will continue to use and abuse these gaps, because they know how vulnerable to irrationality us humans are. They know from history and experience that religions work, be it Anubis, Isis, Zeus, Bacchus, Edda, Odin, Yahweh, Allah, Christ, etc. or Marx.

The Trumpening was a hefty dose of reality washing over the believers of Leftist irrationality. We know from history that religions are abandoned and die out, but don’t expect them to go out without a fight. The west faces a ‘Zweifrontenkrieg’ (war on two fronts) against Marxism and Islamism. With the remnants of Christianity crumbling for over a century, it looked like ‘resistance is futile’ (google it) for a few decades now. The Trumpening is a sliver of hope that we can avoid assimilation. The thrill of anticipation of a final victory is palpable, but don’t rejoice too early. A first victory is not a final triumph. We should be aware that reason and evidence must be fought for, always and forever. The war isn’t over, it will never be, we only just have picked up the battle axes again.