Strategies: Stopping the bloodletting and social death of conservatives and alt-right

First, let me say that this is not a winning strategy, but a survival strategy to the point where we either see the breakdown of western socialism or the outbreak of widespread violence. What follows after that is anyone’s guess, but that is the point where a winning strategy would make sense. A survival strategy is needed, in order to give the following winning strategy a chance to be staffed by people who are smart enough to not get run over by the barbarians at the gate.

Why there is no winning strategy from the outset here, I have to explain. Whether you look to the USA with ca. 320 Million people or Europe with roughly 500 Million doesn’t matter all that much. I will go with the US numbers for now. Right now you have around 90-100 Million people in the US who are not even looking for work anymore. None of them starves to death. You have a few tens of Millions (20-40) working in the public sector, the majority of them are non-productive in any sense, e.g. they provide no goods or services for the regular American. Around 110 Million people work in the private sector. The rest of the population are retirees or kids. So, roughly and superficially you already have approximately one productive worker who feeds himself and two other people. But we know that this is not the case actually, because roughly half of the private sector workers are hardly scraping by, they just earn enough to feed, house and clothe themselves. The other half, around 50-60 Million are working productively and generate surpluses that feed the rest of the country. That means less than 20% of the American people make the country run, feed, house and clothe the other 80% who don’t do any (or much) productive work. These numbers are very similar to the situation in Europe.

From my conservative point of view, these 20% are a ‘natural’ number. If you look at what was once a normal family: father working, wife taking care of 2 kids and (for a few short years) taking care of one of the 4 grandparents of these kids; there was one guy providing for himself and 4 other people. If this guy was smarter and made more money than average, he could afford more kids and/or a better lifestyle, savings and investments. If he was dumber and less prosperous than average he might not have had any kids or not even a wife, or a bunch of ragtag kids who had a good chance of dying before becoming adults. As long as no-one interferes with this Darwinian society, it becomes smarter and more prosperous over the generations. The stupid and lazy people sorted themselves out for society to go into an evolutionary direction that brought agrarian and industrial innovations to the western world. All this went quite well, until we started to generate runaway surpluses.

With these growing surpluses, social engineers started to think about redistribution of wealth or using their successes to conquer new lands. Problem of course is, that latest since the late 18th century, no more new lands could be conquered and settled. The only way of conquering was by genocide of the neighboring country, which was usually not very successful, not due to lack of trying though. The thinking of the social engineers was always to take from the rich and give to the poor, but was extended later on to ‘rising the tide’, or increasing surpluses overall, so that nobody is poor to the point of starving. Not much thought was given to the reasons why some people were poor and some became rich. Until the 18th century it was obvious that the rich were those who had the fiefdoms, the aristocracy who owned the land. All the others, unless they were really smart traders, were rather poor. Industrialization did away with that old structure.

In industrialized societies, the smart&industrious people become prosperous while the smart&creative people can become rich. The title to large swaths of land meant less and less. But in the minds of social engineers like e.g. Marxists, this change was ignored. They thought it was right and proper to take away from these aristocrats, who owned everything, and give the monies to the poor. To think of an aristocrat as someone who didn’t do anything to earn his wealth, but merely inherited it, is OK in my books. But to think of a business owner as someone who hasn’t earned his wealth is the basis of the stupidity of Marxisms or Socialism. Marxism/Socialism addresses problems of a medieval society with aristocratic landownership and tries to solve them in an industrial, meritocratic society. Obviously these ideologies solve no problem at all, but create new and more problems.

Certainly we have serious problems in a capitalistic, meritocratic society:

  • We know that wealth differences above a certain (but somewhat mushy) level make societies unhappy due to envy. It also discourages especially young men to make the effort to become a valuable member of society, if the differences between poor and middle class are rather slim, but the gap between middle class and the rich is giant.
  • We have freed women from much of their traditional household work, due to central heating, washing machines, cheap cars etc. Until now these women have found no way to make good use of their free time and at the same time stay happy and family oriented. Feminism, an equally stupid idea as Communism, teaches them to become like men. Guess what girls, if we men liked women to be just like men, we’d all be gay – but 95% of us aren’t.
  • We can work together and trade with very different cultures, but we cannot live together in the same place. Multicultural societies are low in trust and typically split up in multiple parallel societies, which have way more problems than mono-cultural societies.

For the three points above, we currently have no good solutions. These are really, really complex problems. They won’t be easy to solve and we might need a society which has an average IQ of one standard deviation above what we have now in the West, in order to get there. And if you, genius that you are, think that you have the perfect solution for all these problems, please pop your balloon and return to earth. It’s only a solution if it is established, widely accepted and works effectively. Socialism and Feminism are based on mid 19th century thought. They haven’t worked once in the last 160 years, despite huge efforts on fine-tuning them and massive, violent efforts to force us into them. Logic would dictate to abandon these ideologies, but logic became ‘unfashionable’ these days.

The deadly risk of western society is to stick with socialism and thereby lowering the average IQ of our population. We currently live like in the first few minutes of the movie Idiocracy. Due to wealth and income redistribution, low IQ people have unnaturally many kids and high IQ people have unnaturally few kids. Considering the 80% heritability of IQ, this is by definition regressive, not progressive. Now you may say, that’s the thinking of a supremacist. And you’re right. But it has nothing to do with race. As IQ statistics empirically show, the people with the highest average IQ’s mainly live in Northern Asia, Europe and the US/Canada/Australia/NZ. (I’ll leave out the Ashkenazim Jews here, because they are a small minority). Do the Chinese believe they should rule supreme in the world? Yes, they do, believe me, I lived there. Did the Japanese, the Germans, the French and the Brits believe that? Of course they did, just look it up in a history book. Do the US Americans believe that? Sure they do, and they more or less rule the world currently. But they all believed – and some still do – that the way to achieve supremacy is by brute force and war. Even the Arab Muslims believe they can win supremacy by conquest. If the West keeps going with socialism and appeasement to low IQ and backwards cultures, the only thing the North-Asians have to do to win, is close their borders and wait a few generations.

Now there are efforts underway, with Godemperor Trump in the USA, and some nationalist anti-socialist parties in Europe, to reduce the bad effects of socialism and support more conservative lifestyles. The USA has probably the best chance to put a dent into the socialist agenda, but what will happen after 4 or 8 years there? I guess most of these efforts will be turned back according to the regressive handbook, if they cannot increase the average IQ of their society. Kicking at least the illegal immigrants out will cut off a bit from the lower IQ population. But no major change can be expected in such a short time. The only good point is, that if you happen to live in (or can immigrate to) a country where the taxman doesn’t rob you blind, you can take your chances and accumulate a bit of personal wealth during this time. In order to reverse the course of this dumbing down, the state with it’s redistribution system must fail. It must fall like Rome, or fail like the Soviet Union, so that evolution can take its course, giving preference to smarter people who then can solve the problems which we can’t solve now.

The survival strategy

(1) Cooperation of high IQ people, esp. Europeans who are anti-socialists

As we have seen the long march through the institutions of the cultural Marxists, and as we see now the bitter and violent reactions of the Left to the counterculture of the Right, we have to recognize that there is no real unity and cooperation on the Right. The Left keeps attacking as long as they win their cowardly but effective battle of the hive against the individual. Since the ideology of the Left is based on Collectivism, and the ideas of the Right – and even the classical Liberals – are based on Individualism, there is no easy way to win this fight. As long as the hivemind of the Left can destroy any right-leaning individual (or small group), they will win, and the rest of us will go to hell with them.

As of now, we already know where they are coming from. The vast majority of the media is leftist, the whole education system is nearly 100% leftist and the big social media companies are largely in bed with leftist thought and strategies. We need a counter strategy against the media and social media, which oust and dox right-leaning individuals and do everything they can to squash the livelihood of YouTubers, Bloggers and other public intellectuals. There even have been court rulings in Germany, that a separated/divorced father who likes or votes for the AfD (a very moderate right wing party) is seen as an undue influence on his kids and can easily loose custody and even visiting rights.

As much as an individual can protect himself against such attacks (he should become financially independent), the vast majority is scared to speak out, and for a good reason. The successful attack on Milo and the financial damage done to Pewdiepie (who isn’t even on the Right) has shown everyone how much power the media and social media companies have and how little even prominent Conservatives and classical Liberals can do against it. Individual Bloggers or YouTubers have no chance against the strategy of the MSM to obliterate them with baseless copyright strikes. Or remember Tim Hunt, who was crucified by feminist fanatics over a nerdy joke and was basically fired while on the plane back home? No facts were needed for this destruction, as there are no facts welcome in the Title IX kangaroo courts, who kick male students out on the basis of the say-so of any unhinged woman.

(1.1) Trade among each other

The economic and personal destruction of individuals on the Right needs to be stopped. Relying on the law and on courts is not enough. The damage has often already been done before legal documents are filed.

Individuals need to be backed by companies, universities and media outlets who decidedly favor people on the Right who are in such trouble or are otherwise thrown under the bus. Relying on the individual kindness of a peer conservative is not enough. Companies who support the “deplorables” with a new job should in return be praised by right-wing media and become 1st priority for conservative customers. Even if these companies use a good communication strategy to avoid blame from left-wing media, they will probably still loose leftist customers and we as customers need to make up for that. Companies who decide to support right-wing causes should also give preference to each other in their dealings. Private university endowments should be focused on those places that keeps leftist politics at least out, or replace them with classical liberal and conservative viewpoints. STEM and finance courses have absolutely no need to be involved in any politics.

(1.2) Rebuild trust among peers

For the individualistic mind, trust is not gained by the adherence to some identity ideology. While trust may be easier to gain in mono-ethnic and mono-cultural societies, each level of trust is established by working, trading or living together successfully. Put a bunch of left-wing snowflakes and a bunch of alt-right USA-USA shouters in one room and they will be at each others throat 24/7. The US is lucky to have Master-Persuader Trump at the helm, as he promised more jobs and has already convinced many companies to invest and expand in the US instead of abroad. This creates trust. If his healthcare and tax plans create even more jobs and put more money in the pockets of the individuals, he will gain more trust. If he can curb illegal immigration and bring down crime, more trust, etc. etc. If the high IQ people of European heritage who are firmly anti-socialist can recreate an extended tribe by giving safety and economic success to its members, the tribe will grow again.

(2) Building castles and defending them

Like I mentioned in point (1) before, the Left has built its castles and manned its battlements, shooting poisoned arrows on everyone outside. Not only have they entrenched themselves in the media and education systems, but also in the legal profession and public services. What will all the aforementioned cooperation and economic success help, if they ‘sick’ the IRS on you or fill your inbox with never-ending lawsuits. During the survival phase, your monies need a safe place, otherwise they are taxed away or are in some other way stolen by government lackeys. Contributions to taxes and social/welfare oriented payments must be minimized. Tax havens and shell company constructs are already broadly known and should be used when appropriate, although it is is way more difficult for US citizens than for citizens of European countries.


As the slow breakdown of socialist society proceeds, violence and criminality will increase. This calls for individual safety measures in and around your house and for gun ownership wherever permitted. But again, individual solutions are not enough for the likely onslaught that will ensue. The goals should be safe neighborhoods, good and safe local schools and a local police which takes care of its loyal constituency and not of some ragtag, drug-dealing ‘minority’. While this may be more easily achievable in the so called flyover states, it will be rather difficult in big cities and the coastal states. Never mind the big coastal cities, they are irredeemably Left – leave – find a better place to live. As an indication of your tribal attitude, proudly fly your flag at all times. Keep an eye out for your local churches and attend the cookie and lemonade events, even if you’re an atheist. Build and maintain a homogeneous community which can slowly learn to trust each other.

(3) No more technological giveaways to states

A huge part of the Left’s money comes from companies and institutions which have been given the tax financed R&D results from universities and military research centers. As an engineer or researcher, your patents often belong to a company or the government. The high IQ individual patent creator gets almost always shafted and fobbed off with a measly amount, while Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Intel, Apple etc. own the patents and use them for huge profits and huge party donations. Most of the technological breakthrough innovations were paid by taxes and are siphoned off by individual entrepreneurs who later show their appreciation with campaign contributions.

Make patents as broad as possible and give them to your buddies, if you work for government institutions or left leaning companies. This sounds kind of secret society style because it is. It’s what the Left is doing, hidden in plain sight, since they took over the state bureaucracy on all levels. Real, financially viable competition against Google, Facebook etc. is rather difficult, not only because of bureaucratic protectionism, but because they own all the patents and sue every competitor into oblivion. If they can’t do that, they have so much cash sitting around, due to their quasi monopoly position, that they just buy up every startup which could become a competitor. The Right needs its own startups that can’t be bought up, because they are not for sale. One recent example is Infogalactic, initiated by Vox Day and friends. There is no competitor to the Google search engine. The likes of DuckDuckGo are just anonymizers and show mainly the results of the dominant search engine. Social media is dominated by Facebook and Twitter, who randomly suppress whatever their SJW of the day doesn’t like. Especially the big hay-maker Facebook should have competitors pop up every day, but the alternatives from Russia and China are not exactly free speech defenders. Attempts at free speech platforms like or take off like albatrosses rather than like rockets. They are thwarted by patents, regulations and miserable commercial viability. If conservative entrepreneurs don’t give them any preference and big name social media stars rather stay on the current leftist platforms, what’s the point of complaining against censorship/demonetization, if there are no consequences?


The hivemind of the Left is destructive to every individual who gets any attention for his alt-right or conservative views. The counter-strategy is not to create an equally brainless hivemind of the right, but to create commercially viable options for the “deplorables” in order to become as independent as possible from left-wing state and bureaucracy. They can’t hurt us if they can’t take our jobs, our education, our free speech and our wealth from us. We can hurt them mainly by reducing our tax burden and our social insurance contributions. In addition you don’t have to hire Lefties, nor do you have to buy goods and services from them, if there are non-left alternatives. If there is not enough money for free education, food stamps, free housing, free healthcare etc., they will either riot or get their lazy fat asses to work. Either way, socialism has to go down, and that’s that.

Prepping for the zombie apocalypse 😉


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