The inquisition gets reinstated in Canada

If anyone listened to the debates about Bill C16 and heard what Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad had to say about the tyrannical nature of such a law as well as the many unintended side effects, you now have proof that what these two super smart guys said is currently playing out in real life. A teaching assistant named Lindsay Shepherd played an internet-TV clip of Jordan Peterson debating the gender pronoun issues with two other people and a moderator. You know, little Lindsay is only 22 and still believes in the free marketplace of ideas. She seems to have no idea what kind of country she’s living in these days.

Someone didn’t appreciate what Lindsay showed and complained – anonymously to her, of course – to some ideological busybody at her university. Guess what happens. A Soviet style committee interrogated her and wanted to know if she strayed from the unalterable truth of the SJW religion. Fortunately stoning is not in use in Canada in order to get rid of suspected unbelievers – or shall I say ‘not yet?’. Gulags also became out of style a few decades ago. She now only has to live in fear of losing her teaching position under a so called professor, to whom I’d love to apply sharia law – but that’s just me.

What would be of interest to me are two questions:

  1. Why dafuq would any intelligent person study and teach any SJW lecture?
  2. What kind of information drove her to secretly record this inquisition?

Regarding the first question, I’d be willing to conjure up, in her favour, that she was indoctrinated in her high school to believe that SJW thinking somehow contributes to the betterment of society and the world as a whole. On the other hand, she, herself, argues that any 18 years old adult should be exposed to any ideas that are out in the open. Mind you that an 18 year old is entitled to vote. Maybe, just maybe, she is still caught up in this indoctrination bubble and hasn’t thought very deeply about the reality, the facts of life and opposing opinions. Maybe she’s still willing to be a tool in the Neo-Marxist propaganda, not recognizing what she does. And, maybe, this inquisition will lead her back to the righteous mind of a SJW, so that they can use her as a puppet, a wilfully blind puppet, a useful idiot who is needed to march even deeper into the institutions. The latter is IMO the very goal of these inquisition tribunals.

What, for gods sake, would you expect to learn from an assistant professor of communications studies who describes himself with words like “draws theoretical energy from a wide range of sources such as feminist, queer, postcolonial, and critical race theories; semiotics, affect theory, event theory and psychoanalysis.“ I mean poor young Lindsay decided to study this nonsense, learn from this prof and disseminate these idiocies to even more unsuspecting students as a teaching assistant. One could hardly argue that she didn’t know what she signed up for.

On the other hand we have to acknowledge her presence of mind to secretly record this secret tribunal. What made her do this, if she’s so utterly indoctrinated by all the teachers she had before? Might it be that just sniffing or licking the red pill, just watching and analysing a Jordan Peterson video, makes you see the cracks in your bubble? Can it be that letting some interstellar rays into your bubble makes you see the ‘light’, causes you to re-evaluate your current position? Has she caught a whiff of the malevolent odour of her professional future? Maybe there was the smell of sulphur in her nostrils, that made her wake up, as I get startled by a speech of Hitlary Cringeton or any European socialist big shot. Anyway, that’s – again – just me, projecting.

It seems to me that just listening to the other side, the non-leftist side, of our stories about ourselves is enough to make a considerable number of intelligent people at least uneasy about their bias. No wonder that the ideologues on the postmodern identitarian left want to do everything to exclude these alternative narratives from the common unconscious. Would you be surprised to learn that catholic worshippers never hear anything about the Koran or the Mahayana sutras in their churches? Probably not. But who decided that universities are to become the places of worship for various SJW religions? The answer is probably: nobody in particular, even though we could name a few of the main villains. Somehow in the 60’s and 70’s the universities went on the slippery slope and let entropy take it’s course, as no one put up any serious resistance. Now we’re close to the end of the slope and must face the fact that everything in the humanities has been turned topsy-turvy. As a graduate in the humanities, your job prospects are limited to leftist government jobs or government financed NGOs. Similar to the prospects of a theology graduate, who won’t find a job outside of a church. These people are paid for having a prescribed opinion, not for providing any goods or services. Now, as a floor tiler or a CEO, please tell me what these people contribute to your well-being or your life in general. You know that all of them live off of your tax dollars, don’t you?

It looks like we have turned back to medieval practices like the Spanish inquisition. But this doesn’t just happen in universities – which is bad enough – but winds its way through any public discourse. The mainstream media and big newspapers look to me like sermons of the SJW church. It’s like we have never learned that accusing witches and wizards, using a Malleus Maleficarum is one of the worst ideas we ever had. Did the western world never decide that innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, is the way to go for our civilization? How come then, that we read some half baked story about some older lady who claims that someone famous laid a hand on her knee, 30-40 years ago, accompanied by chants of “I believe her”, followed by public condemnation of this famous guy, soon after that being followed by a number of lawsuits that will bankrupt him. The only difference to the medieval world is that we don’t burn the accused at the stake any more. We scorch them in the court of fake public opinion and burn them to a crisp in a courtroom, no matter if the guys are guilty or not. How this could contribute to the betterment of our societies, I have no idea.

Ever the pessimist I am, I believe that it most likely will take 100 or 200 years until a reasonable western civilization can re-establish itself. In the meantime there will be plenty of scorched earth and scorched bodies to cry over. While this might be interesting enough for a computer game, it is nothing I want to participate in in real life. I rather have a good life outside the crumbling walls of the declining western civilization, from time to time slinging some poop inside. Maybe there’s a nugget of gold to be found in what I sling at you, who knows, I don’t.


2 thoughts on “The inquisition gets reinstated in Canada

  1. Acutally, theology graduates (at least in Germany) habe no problems finding a job outside the church, as they have basically studied both sociology and psychology AND are usually quite nice and decent people. While that makes you predestined for any HR job Gender Studies idiots are dreaming of, you can go to BCG or McKinsey as well. Think about it: They have to be able to sell a nonexistent celestial being. Do you really think they couldn’t sell a car?

    Another point: Would you go into a room with a leftist SJW _without_ a recording device? Especially as a woman with said SJWs’ track record of sexual harrassment?

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