Who’s scared?

The power of the state, with its police, with its prosecutors and courts and, in the worst case, with its military, is so great that it cannot be broken by individuals or even small groups. If the state does not use its power, as is the case with many crimes committed by pretend-refugees and so-called “Arab clans” these days, this is done with the blessing of those responsible and elected politicians. The failure of the state is intended, not because – as is often claimed – the police or the courts are overburdened. And even if there is an overload in individual cases, it is politically manufactured and deliberate.

Laws do not endure because the ordinary citizen is afraid of the consequences of a violation of the law. No. The ordinary citizen wants generally accepted laws to be observed because he wants to abide by such laws of his own free will. Shoplifting is not widely accepted behavior in Europe, nor is murder, manslaughter and rape. More than 95% of the population do not commit the above-mentioned offenses even once. They do this not because they are afraid of the state, the law, the police, but because they are civilized enough to realize that their normal, law-abiding behavior makes a largely non-violent civilization possible.

These over 95% want only (potential) criminals to be afraid of state power. This fear of the drastic consequences should prevent the potential criminal from committing a crime. This fear also includes the justified fear of being caught. But if criminals, firstly, run little risk of being identified as perpetrators and, secondly, can assume that they will get away with a slight suspended sentence, then why should they still be afraid of the state power? It is now the case that it is not the “refugees” and clans who are afraid of the police, but vice versa. This is clearly a step backwards for our civilization, and not in the interest of the vast majority of the population.

The regular citizen now has very concrete and justified fear, not only of foreign criminals, but of his own state power, which at the behest of politicians, not only ignores these criminals and lets Antifa and politicians who violate existing laws walk free, but in some cases actively protects them. Why do so few participants march on Pegida demonstrations or #Kandel is everywhere? Because they are afraid that they will be physically attacked by violent Antifa members; and not only themselves, but also their house, their family, their possessions. Not only that, the Left-Green radicals are also given free range to sabotage the employment relationship or the income of those with different opinions. Even large international companies are now afraid of being called Nazis/racists/sexists etc. by left-wing extremists.

Article 3 of the German ‘constitution’

Article 3 of the Basic Law says that nobody may be disadvantaged or favored because of his political views. Discrimination and preference refers to the state and thus to state power in the form of police, jurisdiction, not to the individual citizen, who may discriminate and favor to his heart’s desire. But what the police are doing is giving in to the illegal demands of politicians. They watch as violent left-wing extremists hinder and prevent peaceful demonstrations and other events (such as AfD party conferences). No matter how they try to cover that up, they favor those who are violent and violate the law and discriminate against the peaceful who obey the law. This is also mainly due to fear. On the one hand, the police does not always want to be used as a whipping boy for the Antifa, and on the other hand, their career would end immediately if they followed the Basic Law instead of the orders of politicians.

In addition to the fear of being beaten and injured, of deprivation of the basis of life, the fear of being punished by the state power for Orwellian thought crimes has recently been added. In Germany this happens quietly and under the table, because who knows exactly who has been blocked or deleted by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for whatever obscure reason. But there are already some people in prison because they used their freedom of expression and because of the use/abuse of §130 StGB (criminal code: incitement of the people/masses). This is nothing specifically German, because a YouTuber named Count Dankula has just been convicted of such an offense in a Scottish court and has to expect a prison sentence.

A country with a “network enforcement law” like Germany, with a “communications act” as in Great Britain and actually already with the above-mentioned § 130 has lost every right to call itself “liberal” in any serious way. Such laws, such governments are tyrannical. They prevent the possibility of resolving fundamental conflicts in a population peacefully and with words. They push a violent conflict resolution by meeting the thoughts and opinions of citizens with the power of the state.

Who should be scared? Article 20 of the German ‘constitution’

As already said above, those criminals and politicians who violate applicable laws should be afraid. That fear is in the interest of the vast majority of citizens who want to maintain their civilization. These citizens must ensure that criminals and those parts of the state power that violate the law are punished and, above all, removed from their positions of power.

[…]All Germans have the right to resist anyone who undertakes to abolish this order, if other remedies are not possible. […] That is stated in Article 20 of the Basic Law. This is in the German ‘constitution’ because at that time it was thought that the next time we hear these army boots on the street again (no matter if the shirts are black or brown), the good, peaceful citizen would overcome his fear and resist. In the same article, two lines above it says “All authority of the state comes from the people”, but this is limited to elections and votes. The fourth paragraph of Article 20 quoted above does not therefore concern elections, votes and anything on this playground, such as demonstrations, political opinions and other peaceful acts. It is the constitutional license to take the power of the state into one’s own hands if the government and its henchmen violate the Basic Law.

The only open question is: Are other remedies possible?

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