The reason for the screeching

Faggit. Is there actually ONE writer of these feminist bibles who is not a lesbian? In any case, the vast majority are. Why can normal heterosexual women be dictated by lesbians about sex, having children and family life? It’s like the blind man talking about colors. I would certainly not let some gay guy advise me on how to deal with my wife, girlfriend and children (even if I agree with him politically/philosophically), let alone allow him to set guidelines.

Real lesbians are a tiny minority; they can’t do anything if they don’t get involved in a phenomenon in society where something goes wrong. Surveys also show that a maximum of 20% of women are feminists or followers. Politicians can easily deal with a permanent opposition of around 10%, even 13%, as you can see in the current German Bundestag. Merkel sees no reason to give in even one iota because of the AfD. One could be just as ignorant with an equally large feminist party.


In my opinion, more and more free personal time has become available with industrial and later household automation, especially for women. More and more women wanted to use this to earn themselves more money with work outside the home, either to be more independent of men or to buy more rubbish. Then the utopia “you can have it all” was sold to them and (as with the communists) it is pursued until it collapses. In former times, it was all about the child and the clan, today it’s about the child and the career. It used to work OK. Today, women have ONE child if any at all, and usually ZERO career.


The women now working have noticed that they cannot or do not want to fit into the hierarchies of competence. They can’t because they have children who get sick, because they are not assertive enough or feel obliged to take care of grandma. Meanwhile they don’t even want to fit any more, because they have noticed that they usually lose against career men.

Now we have a real problem: a utopia that cannot be fulfilled, despite the most desperate measures, such as quotas for women, the promotion of women issues, etc. Don’t think the feminists will give up while they still have political power. Religious utopias are often pursued until their final collapse. Whether this is a classical religion, or whether the new religion is called feminism, socialism or communism.


The saddest result of all these undesirable developments is : A miserable life on the brink of subsistence. More and more women are vegetating on the couch, as single mothers, who have just enough money to not eat a bullet. Their only remaining joy is to make life difficult for others. Her ex-husband, just like her kid. This is especially difficult with small children. There are women who neglect kids because they are frustrated with life. Others play the helicopter mother, because otherwise they have nothing to do. In extreme cases, Munchhausen by proxy syndrome manifests itself, whereby the mother injures the child to get attention herself.

Many women have no choice but to work. Since their individual potential is not sufficient for a career (>90%), they must accept below-average earnings. Of course, this is no way for satisfaction. There is screeching about the gender pay gap. It doesn’t matter why this difference (gap) exists. If the wooomin is not well, she has to complain about something. Every few years, the professional university-feminists provide a new reason for all women to get upset, both in the media and privately, whatever is needed.


Why are lesbians the ones driving feminism forward? Well, the first point, child and clan, is not an option for most of them anyway. They can’t have a family life with a man who brings home the bacon. Family life with a wife and child is usually characterized by the fact that both have to work and no one has time for the child. Often, life with a partner and without a child is aimless, pointless, and when the sexual desire, like the youthful appearance, degrades with age, then the bitterness becomes overwhelming. Even if some lesbians are masculinized and dominant, it is usually not enough for a resounding career, because men are usually better at “being men”. This means that the majority of lesbians live close to subsistence level, even if they have normal jobs. Of course they want to promote lesbians and lesbian quotas, but they sell it as women’s advancements and quotas. The spiritual precariat of the feminists claps and screams “Hooray”, but doesn’t realize that they have fallen for a hoax. The vast majority of women who work as saleswomen, nurses or in the office have no advantage at all when it comes to feminist promotion, quotas or pay gap moaning. They only pay the increased costs for gender, equality and feminism nonsense via ever higher taxes and levies.

Heterosexual women are starting to wake up. Many now want a husband and family again, because the socialist feminist utopia remained only a utopia. Half of the men are not even considering this any more. The family courts have clearly shown a tendency to enslave the ex-husbands for the last 40 years. Since the chances are the same as in roulette (red or black), the better earning men think twice. Only those men, who already live in precarious financial circumstances, don’t care. But the women don’t want those either, except the women who continue the food stamps career of their own mother.

I think a renegotiation of the divorce outcomes, as many men’s rights activists strive for, is hopeless. The West has reached a dead end not wide enough to turn around. There’s no divorce in my chosen country. There is the possibility to dissolve the marriage from the beginning, or the possibility to separate. Both legal proceedings take forever and are incredibly expensive, which is why they are rarely used. For a regular family this equals a total financial loss, usually with lifelong debts. Once married, couples have no choice but to come to some sort of agreement. That’s the point of marriage. A possible divorce takes the original meaning of marriage away and devalues it. Such a devalued marriage was then relatively easy to open up for homosexuals.

If there is one thing the rest of the world can learn from the Philippines, it is not to allow for divorce.

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  1. I tried this article earlier on Google Translate but got jibberish, so cheers for the English.
    I’ve met several foreigners who know that Australian men have to be cautious about marrying, but not a single Australian woman seems to realise this. Don’t expect western women to suddenly become rational and pursue their own best interests.

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