Envy and resentment

Does anyone remember his sandbox games, or building a snowman? Maybe someone remembers that there was often a child from the neighborhood or school who just strutted in and ruined everything. Sure, this happens sometimes by accident, out of sheer stupidity, and so on. But at least once, everyone has experienced, how someone came along and destroyed out of pure envy, what one has built laboriously, over hours.

A snow castle, a snowman, a sand castle, or statues.

Allegedly Marc Twain has said that the inner motivation of the socialist is not to help the poor, but envy and resentment towards the rich.

The picture above also shows it quite well. It was sitting around on various hard drives for years until I recently found it again. Who painted the picture is mentioned, but who added the text to it is unclear. It seems to be widespread all over the net. Wherever you are, there’s always an asshole. Anyone who has to work with strangers knows that. If he is only a little asshole, most of us ignore him/her. But if it is a giant asshole that disturbs everything and endangers the project or the company, then there is trouble. If the boss does not intervene, then often some employees get up and try to contain this. However, if the boss was promoted according to the Peter principle, often nothing can be done. Many then try to escape from the project or from the group, or apply to other companies. When something like this happens in a country, more and more people emigrate.

But the saying starts with this: No matter where you are. In your new project, new group, new company or new country, there will be another asshole (or many more). You gonna run away again? You gotta start fighting sometime. The point here is not that you should always be the brawler, quite the opposite. “Is this the hill you want to die on?” is a rhetorical allusion to situations in a real warlike conflict. In other words, is this so important to you that you’re willing to die for it?” (or lose your job, or your entire fortune). Most people aren’t ready for that. Everyone who has been in a leading position knows the latter; above all, politicians know it.

Whether you fight or run away depends on many things. Are you the type of man who is a fighter? Do you have a chance of surviving or even winning? If you probably don’t win or survive, are there at least relatives who benefit from it? What is the relationship between potential profit and potential loss? In such conflicts you also have to consider for a while, whether to take lower-risk measures or how to hedge against the greatest risks.

Many divorced fathers have asked themselves how long they want to fight for their children, until they finally give up. Very few really do fight and most of them lose regularly in the courts. Most of them like to see themselves as fighters, but in reality they are only docile provider slaves. I decided pro flight, before I had no more fight in me. Systematic, state discrimination against men does not have to affect everyone, not even most men. What does the happily married man care about, a single divorce law? Zero. When you face the once beloved person and see that she can now fully live out her envy and resentment towards you, that there is no law, no judge, not even your own lawyer who can help you, then you have to get yourself to safety. Slave for the next 20-30 years? No, thank you.

That was just one person who had the official right, with her evil will to make my life hell. What do you do in a company when there’s not just one asshole, but many? Anyone with any sense would leave. But what are you doing in a country where there are millions of assholes? And they get to vote? Who are even in the majority? In a country so devoured by envy and resentment that it prefers to destroy itself rather than give in or fight back? So psychopathic that not only top politicians, but millions of people are in favor of letting in and keeping millions of immigrants from vastly different cultural backgrounds. Those who lie to themselves, facing the foreseeable outbreak of chaos, simply claim: “Everything is/will be fine”.

I’m not trying to rationally explain it because it doesn’t make sense. Economically, any broken family would be better off if the ex-wife and ex-husband could compromise so that both can live with it reasonably well. Economically, every Westerner/German would be better off if they didn’t offer any and all immigrants a wagon-load of tax money. But reason and logic do not count here, only feelings. If a majority prefers to live out their envy and resentment towards the more successful, if they pass discriminatory laws towards them, and if a majority wants to turn those people who earn their own upkeep into slaves, then I now say: “walk away and just let them do it, they will see what they get out of it”.

My ex-wife was doing really well a few (very few) years after the separation. She got the money she wanted, she wasted most of it, of course, and at some point, all of a sudden, the next bank transfer just didn’t arrive anymore. The next one and the one after that didn’t come either. Dang, done with it, end of sweet alimony life. After begging all institutions and family members for help, with minuscule success, she could, just as suddenly, work 8 hours a day, educate herself and survive without outside help. Indeed, miracles still happen 😉 All her envy, her resentment, her anger at the old shitbag (me) couldn’t effect me anymore.

The same will one day happen to Germany and many western Nations. All of a sudden there will be no more money for all the professional freeloaders, the Germans/Westerners as well as those who were “fleeing” in. Will never happen, you say? How quickly did the Soviet Union collapse completely? What is the current situation in Venezuela? This doesn’t just happen sometimes, it has to happen. No one can predict what will be left after the slaughter. But one thing is for sure. Doctora Gender will beg for a job as a strawberry picker or asparagus cutter. Madame single parent Couch-potato will queue up to get the much sought-after job as a toilet attendant at the station, for pennies.

It is said that drug addicts have to hit rock bottom before anything changes. Either they die or they quit cold turkey. Most psychologists and psychiatrists don’t waste time with people who can’t recognize their catastrophic state. Help usually only makes sense when people realize that they are in a serious predicament. As long as they still think that envy and resentment are justified, that they win the game with this strategy, any help is inappropriate. What does a Pegida demonstration, a demonstration for “free speech” by the football lads and the like actually change, if only a few hundred people (out of tens of millions) shuffle along? If the sand castle destroyers are a small minority and you can put them in their place with the backing of the vast majority, then maybe that makes sense. But if the destroyers of the known universe are in the majority, then you can only watch the disaster from a safe distance.

In this sense: “Everything will be all right“, but first things will get much, much worse.

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