A hailstorm of red pills

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  1. Gutes Interview, auch wenn Stefan als Interviewer meist mehr redet als der Interviewte, in dem Fall Rollo, welcher hier auch nicht wirklich viel neues erzählt. Für Einsteiger in die Thematik aber sicher interessant.

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  2. Interessante Kommentare auch unter dem Youtube Video, wie z.B. dieser:

    Mary Smith
    1 day ago
    I firmly believe that so many people hate Donald Trump because he is a real man. People don’t see examples of real men anymore, assertive men with dominant personalities and so they don’t know what to make of him. I think God everyday that Donald Trump won, our country would have been a disaster if Hillary Clinton had become president. In general I believe most women are too emotional to be President (and most women hold grudges over stupid things for way too long). I think Donald Trump is doing a great job. You’re right, he is the ultimate alpha male and I love it.

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