The Google Video, a cult is revealed

Breitbart has published an internal Google video of one of their TGIF meetings that took place shortly after Trump’s election. One should really watch the thing in full length to understand how deeply these people are trapped in their ideological bubble and ignore any information that would contradict their views.

After looking at it, you should take a look at Google’s “official” reaction, which states that political prejudices do not affect any of their products and that every employee is free to express their personal opinions at these events.

If their “political bias” doesn’t influence their products, why was ‘Info Wars’ blocked, why are many other conservative and libertarian voices removed from their YouTube platform or obstructed as much as possible? Then why is everything that is not on the left often downgraded in Google search results, so that it usually does not appear on the first 3 pages? If everyone can express his opinion freely, why was James Damore fired? And why has de facto not a single one of the allegedly so “free to express themselves Google employees” with a conservative viewpoint spoken at the meeting? The bravest thing was the very last question of the event: If there was anything positive to be expected from Trump. If Sergey Brin then answers that you can never know that, but he has no hopes in this respect and classifies such hopes rather as wishful thinking, you can pack in as a conservative employee.

If you want to work there as a conservative, you have to have a masochistic streak anyway. It has become known how all employees are constantly harassed with “progressive” propaganda, and those who don’t engage positively are bypassed in contract renewals and promotions. In addition, California is the state with the highest taxes and levies, so there is not all that much left as actual net salary. Furthermore, the cost of living in Silicon Valley is extremely high. Usually half of the net salary is already gone for the rent of a tiny 1-room apartment. A really conservative or libertarian techie is usually deterred by this and doesn’t want to work there at all. In Silicon Valley only the investors, the top bosses and the landlords get rich.

The event is reminiscent of secretly recorded videos of Scientology meetings or events of the “inner circle” of certain parties. This is a CULT that appears very harmless to the outside world and promises technical advances that “improve the world”. Internally, dissidents are persecuted and everyone is checked for loyalty to the progressive party line. From a conservative or libertarian point of view, what these people understand by “improve” is clearly a deterioration of the world. They talk, as if this was the most normal thing in the world, about how they will use their algorithms and methods to decide the next election in their favor. It has to be said so clearly: a quasi-religious cult dominates the Internet.

In recent years, Peter Thiel has repeatedly pointed out that technical progress from the industrial revolution to the 70’s was based on “real” products. Washing machines, refrigerators, cars, etc. Ever since computers became available, new products have been presented primarily in the form of software and databases. Only very few software companies earn their money by selling their software products – Microsoft and SAP, above all. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. earn their money through advertising customers. This means they are parasites on the companies that produce real physical products or offer value-added services. Without advertisers, these companies would have no income, nothing at all. This also means that their technical progress is essentially oriented towards how they can distribute more targeted advertising to users, not towards creating real value for the user. It is also wrong to believe that the user does not pay these companies. We don’t pay Google&Co. directly, but we pay them through the product prices of the companies that advertise there. Just imagine 5% of your car purchase price goes to Google, Facebook, etc.

These days, you can hardly use the Internet without ad blockers, especially not on slow connections. Without ad blocker you get so obtrusively jammed with advertising, you can hardly recognize what the actual content of many websites is. Is this the Internet we all want? It’s also not enough to decide that you simply don’t use Google or Facebook anymore. Firstly, such boycotts usually go nowhere, because the majority of Internet users simply do not think about such things. Secondly, these companies continue to parasitize via advertising on practically every product of daily use. Thirdly such companies prevent all possible alternatives, as long as they offer their services allegedly “free of charge” for the user.

To reinforce the bold statement above: a quasi-religious cult, that acts as a parasite of the technical progress of genuine everyday products and disguises this fact, dominates the Internet.

They make money like hay because you buy bananas, potatoes, trousers or shoes. No supplier of real products can avoid participating, because otherwise he would have no or fewer customers. They also earn some money by reselling your user data.

How about we forbid third party advertisement generally on the internet?

If all suppliers could only advertise their own products/services on their own websites, then there would be no free Google, no free social network, no free Twitter, no free e-mail. Then one would have to buy a subscription, like with a telephone network or a newspaper. If you have to pay directly, you choose according to other criteria than if you get it offered “for free” by a monopolist.

Wouldn’t the print media have an interest in enforcing such a thing instead of promoting crazy EU laws? Then they would again be the only ones allowed to advertise for 3rd parties. And I see it the same way for television. Who likes advertising breaks? Nobody. We now have the technology for pay-TV, such as Netflix. There you get exactly what you want. All the “free” channels are mainly just crap anyway.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

This basic principle of the market economy has to be remembered time and again.

Finally, an interview with Tommy Robinson. It’s heartbreaking to see a European state trampling on human rights when it absolutely wants to silence one of its citizens.

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  1. Die drei Stunden “Google’s Dirty Diapers” dazu auf YT gefiehlen mir sehr gut.
    Kann ich nur empfehlen.
    (Den ganzen Frame Game Radio Kanal im Grunde)

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