Parallel Universes

Whoever denies the existence of the unconscious is in fact assuming that our present knowledge of the psyche is total. And this belief is clearly just as false as the assumption that we know all there is to be known about the natural universe. Our psyche is part of nature, and its enigma is as limitless. Thus we cannot define either the psyche or nature. We can merely state what we believe them to be and describe, as best we can, how they function. (C.G. Jung)

Maybe, some time in the future, physicists will be able to create parallel universes, where time can be made to run faster, where we could, without any risks for us, create and run social experiments, in order to find out if they lead to chaos and death, or to bliss. But right now, we can’t do that.

Men sacrifice their health and lives at work and in war (defense and conquest). Women sacrifice their health and lives during child rearing and childbirth. They sacrifice, because they will be admired if they are successful and shamed if they are lazy and unsuccessful at it. Work, war and children have been at the top of our value pyramid throughout human history and in each and every culture. Truly universal.

Or is it the evil patriarchy, as leftist Feminists want us to believe? Where do we get, if excellent work has no value, if defense is frowned upon, if women have no more babies and child rearing is outsourced to strangers? We end up in a world where everything is upside down, like in a parallel universe, where yes means no and no means yes. Now we know, that a universe and a parallel universe may not exist at the same time and place – that’s just physics. In our particular universe, you have to work in order to have food, shelter and clothing. In our particular world you have to defend your territory, your family, your people, or else other people will conquer you. In our particular world you have to have babies or you will die out. And you have to raise your kids with these particular values, or else they will fail.

Leftist world or feminist world can’t exist in our particular universe. They may exist in a parallel universe, where everything is Topsy turvy. They may exist in fantasy-world, in novels, in the texts of strange religions, but here on earth, in this particular universe, they are a mere figment of imagination. It’s not for a lack of trial and error that we found out. Communism has been tried too often already, has killed too many people and fails every single time. Socialism is on the verge of collapse in all countries. Feminism is not far behind in its toxicity towards human life. If we don’t get back to work, war and children, we will fail. Let’s get back to these basic values, as they obviously worked well for around 200.000 years.

If someone has trouble with the value of war:

Suppose they gave a war and nobody came, the anti war slogan of the hippies. Yeah, suppose your side doesn’t show up to the war. Then your side will be conquered, it’s called surrender! That’s what happens in “borderless” Europe these days. There’s a war against the natives, and the natives refuse to fight.

You have 3 options in case of war: Run and hide, fight, or surrender. You have to decide. If you are unable or too slow to decide, your opponents will make all the decisions for you.

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  1. I am not sure if work, war and children have been central elements in the life of previous generation because of their need of admiration – rather because it was a pure necessity. But we can clearly see that muslim societies have failed in the past because they left out the “work” element and concentrated on war and children only.
    However as the Western world decided to give up all three elements muslim societies are rising becuase two is better than none.
    Eastern societies like Japan have given up at least the children, but work ethics are without a doubt still central parts of their societies. I wonder how some leftist people I know would react to the theory of “work, war and children”… anyway, I would not differentiate between socialism and feminism becuase they belong together and winning the votes of the women is key to establish a nanny state and -bang- we have socialism again.

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