The difference between mathematics and philosophy

Man knows there are two sexes. The postmodern man knows there are 57 gender (or any number between 3 and 100). The philosopher thinks, according to the principle of gender, there could also be 7-8 billion gender instead of 57 (if everyone is allowed to determine his gender57 , including pronouns). 


The question is now whether the difference between 2 and 57 is greater/smaller than the difference between 57 and 7 billion.

The mathematician says the obvious. The difference between 57 and 7 billion is greater.

The philosopher says the obvious. The difference between 2 and 57 is greater.

So to decide who is right, we need a 3rd discipline that has nothing to do with mathematics and philosophy. I suspect the Germans have decided that this 3rd discipline is socialism.

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PS: To me it is obvious, that the socialist is unable to make a decision based on the truth value of any proposition (after all, he’s not only a politician, but a socialist). So he will decide, as usual, based on whether one group of believers or the other is more willing to pay his hard earned money into the government coffers (or votes accordingly).


3 thoughts on “The difference between mathematics and philosophy

  1. “The philosopher thinks, according to the principle of gender, there could also be 7-8 billion genders”
    Obviously you are defining ‘philosopher’ in a particular, modern sense. Had you asked Socrates, Descartes or Nietzsche how many sexes there are, they would have said, ‘Two’. The term ‘gender’ was originally used mostly in linguistics to describe masculine and feminine nouns, as in Italian, and its current use is a very recent invention.
    If you plug in ‘gender,sex’ into Ngram in order to see the frequency of the words used in published books, you’ll see that ‘sex’ has increased somewhat over the twentieth century, especially from 1965-1979. On the other hand, the use of the word ‘gender’ has absolutely exploded since the 1980s.
    Pasting the graph is tricky, you can see it for yourself here:

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    1. The philosopher coming up with the question, why 57 and not 7 billion, was J.B.P., tripping in the deep footsteps of the last of their kind, Nietzsche. Constructionism by inventing new words is only good if god does it, as Genesis 1 already states. Constructionism by Postmodernists never makes sense (probably a tautology) – that’s why they all became socialists, instead of philosophers.


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