Why checks and balances don’t work

They just halfheartedly check themselves and are paid for it.

Currently, with the Russia-gate, Ukraine-Impeachment, Clinton-Server, investigations into the Russia-Hoax and other misdeeds of government employees, the American public believes again, that their checks and balances in their system of government work just fine. Of course one side believes that impeachment is justified and representative of their well thought out system, the other side believes that the deep state will be taken to court. I believe, it’s just a big show put on by those in charge, to lull ‘the people’ into trusting that checks and balances work as intended. As usual some minor figures will be punished, as they were stupid enough to get caught, the real instigators, those who defend their ill gotten wealth by corrupting politics may get a slap on the wrist or go Scot-free.

The basic idea, which is as old as Greece, was to install several powerful institutions in a government, so that they control each other and would be able to veto bad actors and tyrannical laws. The USA has their 3 branches of government, legislative, executive and judicial, which should fight each other, if one branch wants to do something unconstitutional or something that’s bad for ‘the people’. Many other countries have adopted a similar model, but the separation of powers is not always so clear.

What if, instead of Trump, Clinton had won the last election? The Russia-Hoax would have been put in a safe at the FBI and CIA, in case it was needed four years later and none of this hysteria would have happened. The checks and balances that are now in action only go forth, because Trump was elected and did not cause a major screw-up (yet?). What checks and balances would have taken place if Clinton was in charge? Yeah – NONE.

In Germany the former Attorney General put a new law (Netz-DG) into place, that forces social network companies to censor their German users and even report them to the police, if they post something politically incorrect regarding immigration, feminism, climate change, or basically anything that annoys any powerful politician. I hear the UK has similar laws and people are raided by the police, sent to jail and fined for their audacity to have an opinion which is against the feelings of government officials. You can shout 1984 from the rooftops as long as you want, it doesn’t change a thing. The Grundgesetz (the document in lieu of a constitution in Germany) says that anyone got free speech, with a few exceptions. The law (Netz-DG) is unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court does not care. The government wanted it, the legislative rubber-stamped it and the judiciary is packed with leftist judges who support it. Checks and balances nowhere to be found.

The narrative of the Russia-Hoax, the violent Antifa street protests, the censorship on social media, the perpetual lies on all mainstream TV stations and most mainstream print media, it all serves the same thing. It serves to make YOU feel inadequate, to make YOU feel powerless, to make YOU feel that you have no choice but to submit, and in the end, to make YOU repeat the propagandized lies. As soon as you repeat the lies, you’re broken. I mean that. You’re psychologically broken and unable to recover from it by yourself. This is the proven method of communist propaganda which works so well.

So, let’s get to it. Why would “they” want you to believe and repeat, that checks and balances in government work just fine; that “they” will in the end find the culprits and punish them. “They” want to keep you broken, with your slave mentality, unable to muster a real revolution. But that’s just the first step. “They” want you to participate in their sham, willingly and happily. It’s not just your (Prussian) duty to work and be of service, you should be happy paying 50% or more of your income to the government, in order to keep that “good thing that we have” running. “They” don’t want you to become an escapist, a breakaway. The only exception for breakaways is, if they are so deluded to sing the praises of their slave masters, mistaking their activism for ‘the revolution’. Again, this worked pretty well in the Soviet Union for over 70 years. No prove of concept needed, it has already been done.

Who are these dubious “THEY”? It’s the few people who count their assets in Billions. It’s as simple as that. Nobody becomes a billionaire who has not corrupted and colluded with many politicians. Yeah, you can become a multi-millionaire just with hard and dedicated work, and in your mid-40’s typically. Did any politician become a multi-millionaire with productive work? I’d say over 90% of them are not smart enough for that. Most of them are poor sods who couldn’t make it in the real world and are happy to receive handouts. They think of their electorate the same: Poor people, waiting for a handout. And that’s exactly how they treat you as a voter. They will promise you anything – blue skies, clean water, social security, cheap housing, etc. They don’t care what they can actually do, they care only that you vote for them one more time. And if you vote for them, they continue to get their handouts from the billionaire class. And by the way – and that’s not a joke -, we call this “democracy”.

The problem with poor (in mind and assets) politicians is that they can turn anytime, as soon as someone offers them better handouts. This is why “THEY” upped the costs for themselves and anyone else, to install large and permanent government institutions, which are never elected. Look e.g. at the EU. A few hundred people are actually elected, but thousands of people work in the administration and various commissariats. The people who got elected can’t really decide anything. It’s just Coke or Pepsi for them all year long. Nobody among “the people” voted for Ursula von der Leyen or for Christine Lagarde. But they decide what you can do or not do, how much money they steal from you and what you can say with your illusion of free speech. In the US this is now called the “deep state”, but actually it is just the administrative state, which includes your friendly neighbor, working at the DMV.

You have granted the e.g. DMV worker power over you. If he uses his power strictly according to the law or if he abuses it, is entirely up to him. Feeling mistreated by a government worker, by an administrator? Please file a complaint, call this hot-line, or hire an expensive lawyer to represent you against the government. After all, this government has checks and balances, right? They can’t treat you like a slave, you’re a voter, right? If you’re lucky in your endeavors, you’ll receive a letter, that mistakes were made, errors have slipped in, misunderstandings have occurred, and they will set it right as soon as they find the time. The costs to you remain high. Maybe you couldn’t use your car for months, or couldn’t sell it, or paid your attorney 5 times the money the government will refund. The costs for the administrative government worker? If he’s really stupid he’ll receive a reprimand. That’s it, usually. Next time you’re at his counter, as you follow the law, he’ll treat you perfectly fine, right? If you fuck up a government interaction you may go to jail or pay high fines, if the government fucks up, it’s just “yeah, shit happens”.

Now imagine yourself being a billionaire who needs certain things go his way in an administration. Wouldn’t it be advantageous, if the guy in charge there was recommended for this job by you, your family, your friends, your country club buddies? He’s a poor sod, not too smart, glad he’s got a job, and learns fast how he can bend the laws and regulations, just because he’s usually a lazy prick as well. You corrupt politicians so that they obfuscate the written laws, in order to bend them your way as needed. And if the politician doesn’t succeed or opposes you, you still have the administrative state which is with you all the way.

Checks and balances? Who are you fooling?

Sure, with extraordinary costs and extraordinary efforts, you may provoke one government branch to do it’s actual job according to the law and constitution. But the costs and efforts are all on YOU. The typical results of these checks are, mistakes have been made, errors have occurred, there may have been some misunderstandings, yadda yadda, that’s life, we’re all sorry this happened to you. YOU, “the people” with average net earnings of maybe 40-50k USD p.a., you will suffer and pay, even if you’re in the right at the end. Even if you’re a millionaire, you’ll think twice if you go against the administrative state. If you’re in the billionaire class, you actually own it.

So, yes, checks and balances exist, pro forma. Not for YOU, “the people”, as it’s a law that you normally can’t use to your benefit. The law is there to lull you into a vegetative state, where you believe, that someone‘s going to enforce it. If you break out in loud hoorays either if Trump is indicted or if some low/mid level FBI guys are punished for their misdeeds, please accept that you’re broken. You’re already in the state of repeating the propaganda lies.


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  1. OK, sounds logical. And what‘s your conclusion, what should we do? What kind of action do you recommend?


    1. If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterwards.”

      Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
      The Gulag Archipelago


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