Defund the …

police? Mhmm, maybe in parts? Like all state services it should only offer essential services, which the individual citizen normally can’t do on his own, or isn’t allowed to. Issuing traffic tickets should e.g. be done by the city or district, so that you could actually call the real police on them if they harass you too much or try to take away your property. This harassment is in my experience the main cause for hate on the police, not just for blacks, for everyone. If these traffic goons have no real police power anymore, you can direct all your hatred towards the mayor, as he’s the one directing the haymaking through fines and penalties. Vote for someone who’s not an asshole or an idiot.

Defund the causes

I mean all of the causes, good or bad, since they are all presented as good when the government starts to finance them. Defund the racism industry. You might be surprised how little racism actually exists, if the rainmakers on racism get not a single government penny. Want to study “critical race theory”? Fine, but you’ll have to pay for it by yourself without a single tax dollar directed towards this ‘university major’.

Defund Intersectionality, Feminism, Gender Studies. If your local university can manage to get enough donations and student fees to hold such courses, fine. But not one penny from the tax money. There is no free market job behind these race-, women- or gender-studies. The only jobs there are, are government financed jobs, largely in teaching these “studies”.

And in order to mention a sometimes good cause, defund social work. As the name already says, it’s social work, not government work. In my roughly 60 years of life, I never needed once a social worker. Not as a baby, not as a teenager, not as an adult. Never. But I paid for these people with my taxes. The very, very, very few people I know, who had to deal with social workers, usually have not much good to say about them. They tend to create new causes and are not interested to resolve problems, as their job would be cancelled if they did.

You will be surprised, how few real problems exist, if the sponsoring of these troublemakers ends. And when I say defund, I mean give these tax dollars back to the people you stole it from – the workers. They know much, much better what to do with this money, than some sleepy bureaucrat.

De-legalize social causes

What? You get discriminated against, because at every problem in your job you cry ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, ‘whateverism’? Of course you do. Most business owners don’t want to have to deal with you, not even as a customer, let alone as an employee. They only approach you with velvet gloves, because you’ll initiate lawfare against them, if they don’t. If you don’t like your job, your boss, your company, get work somewhere else. Or even better, start your own business. The only reason you like the discrimination mafia is, that your own business based on your individual requirements, will not survive even the first year. Don’t complain, don’t call me names, prove me wrong.

Any kind of discrimination laws should be eradicated from the law books. All of them.

That’s it. Really simple.

Defunding the ’causes’ is anti-totalitarian

How many people have been banned or shadow-banned on social media, because some leftwing hypocrites complain a storm against you? Millions of people. But that’s actually the smallest indication of a rising totalitarianism.

A lot of people have lost their job in recent years, because they said something “wrong” (= not according to current leftwing ideology). That’s no small deal for many, if whole industries get “converted” in such a way. If every employer holds that against you, you’ll soon be on welfare.

Quite a number of people have lost their bank accounts solely for ideological reasons. As most of the banking industry is already “converted”, you may end up with no bank account at all.

And the last few years, especially the last few weeks, a lot of people got hurt or even killed by mobs, again, for purely ideological reasons. The political repression and political violence is now upon all of us, not just the few, who we may have no concern for, because they are “not us”. (Martin Niemoller)

This time it was the tiniest drop that made the bucket overflow. A black criminal, who died in the aftermath of dealing with a violent police officer. We suffer(ed) through the COVID ‘flatten the curve’ cause. We suffer through the ‘climate change’ cause. All the while, the investor class gets as much fiat money as they can in order to stabilise their retirement funds. They just need to go to their buddies at the FED. While the ‘anti-racist’, the ‘feminists’, the ‘climate changers’, the Covidiots, the anti-capitalists bash heads, the ‘elites’ become the true totalitarians. Broken windows are good for their business. But you don’t see that, do you?


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  1. – Defund everything that looks like ‘XYZ studies’ with immediate effect.
    – This purge is much worse than what McCarthy did.


  2. Welche Verrückten haben eigentlich irgendwann entschieden, dasss Feministen und Genderideologen Millionen an Steuergeldern kassieren?!

    Defund GEZ wäre auch mal ein guter erster Schritt, der sich wohl in manchen Ländern wie Dänemark oder Norwegen bereits vollzieht.

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  3. Nah am Thema und so hörenswert wie dieser Artikel lesenswert war:

    Tl;dl: “With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.” Those words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie as wisdom and warning. The first time any man’s freedom is trodden on, we’re all damaged.

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    1. So lange man genug Geld hat (und regelmaessig “spendet”) findet einen niemand hier 🙂 Ausser wenn das FBI hoechstpersoenlich anrueckt. Und mit der Maskenpflicht hier erkennt man eh keinen.


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