The new bible?

  1. the book of race
  2. the book of feminism
  3. the book of classes
  4. the book of gay marriage
  5. the book of transgender
  6. the book of climate change
  7. the book of hate speech
  8. the book of sea rescue
  9. the book of masks and veils
  10. the book of punishments

The new ten commandments

  1. thou shalt obey your black superior
  2. thou shalt obey your female superior
  3. thou shalt kill and eat the rich
  4. thou shalt fuck each others arses
  5. thou shalt fuck anyone who identifies as a palm tree, if it’s wet enough
  6. thou shalt live in darkness
  7. thou shalt only repeat what your Marxist superiors say
  8. thou shalt pick up anyone on the seas and bring them to our holy lands
  9. thou shalt cover yourself, infidel!!!
  10. thou shalt be beaten with the loss of all income

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