Night of the Long Knives

Well, the last few days the almighty Internet companies have let their pants down. All in chorus: Trump – evil – we must delete. Everyone who finds something good about Trump – evil – we must delete.

Some English blogs have been talking about the “Masters of the Universe” for a while now.

The wet dreams of the do-gooders revolve around seeing the Trumpers tarred and feathered.

It was the night of the long knives in the digital realm. And it’s not even dawn yet. It’s going to go on for a while.

Propaganda, the nephew of Freud the pschycologist – Edward Bernays. Not only Faceborg and Twatter have blocked Trump, no, 14 – in words fourteen – social media have blocked Trump. Hui, I wondered, are there even that many? Definitely. There are many more. And who knows who else will participate in a politically correct way. Propaganda is a powerful tool, especially in a democracy. There will be no free rides for conservatives in the next few years, you won’t even be able to hitch a ride, and freeloaders are just ballast. It will be a matter of who proves to be a true representative of liberal-conservative views, who sticks his neck out for it, in danger of having it cut off. Outwardly, one will have to buckle, in one’s own circles one will have to develop strategies, and if necessary, one will have to really fight. But beware of people who want to put a Molotov cocktail in your hand. They usually only do that because they don’t want to throw it themselves.

The ‘Night of the Long Knives’ has many historical references, but it mostly revolves around finally eliminating your rival. It is a genocidal dream. This dream took place a few times in reality. In the Russia of the revolution. In the 1,000 year empire. In Mao’s fantasies of final victory and his Cultural Revolution. In the last 100 years or so, practically only socialists dreamed this dream. To create the ‘new man’, the old one must be eliminated.

The Internet giants are only the vanguard. In the meantime, the banks are already beginning to strike powerfully (Deutsche Bank wants to cancel all business relations with Trump). Those who don’t follow suit will only get an account in an obscure regional bank in ‘Hungary’s Pampas’, and the transfer costs will eat away most of the income. And if all the dissidents have been driven into Bitcoin, how long will Bitcoin be around? As a ‘maledict’, one who can no longer get jobs or work for political reasons, what are you left with? Molotov cocktail or collecting bottles? Are these the alternatives?

Ducking and hiding won’t help anything when the powerful start area bombardments. The Stalinists simply put everyone in the gulag who wasn’t a fiery Stalinist, or at least good at acting. I believe January 6, 2021 is a date steeped in history. The so-called ‘Democrats’ in the US are calling for ‘more than censorship’ of Trumpists. There is talk of re-education, of economic elimination, of things we know only from Maoism. The fact that Merkel declared the result of a state election unacceptable is just a small footnote in history.

Real resistance never came from the poor, the disadvantaged, the ‘peasants’, the underprivileged (mentally), those who barely manage to survive. They were always only the so-called useful idiots. Stalin and Hitler eliminated the leadership of these useful idiots right after the task was accomplished. In the long run, such people are much too dangerous.

Do the so-called ‘right-wingers’, to which I also (or mainly) count libertarians and anarchists, even have an economic base of their own to fight back? I think most of them don’t, especially after the lockdowns many self-employed have nothing to fall back on except the state. And I credit this above all to the so-called ‘conservatives’, who for decades, step by step, allowed themselves to be pushed to the left, most recently even with a really learned leftist as their boss. That Merkel became CDU leader and chancellor will always remain incomprehensible to me. It was the final signal that I have to leave.

Don’t count on people who are just heirs or financial investors. They hang their flag to the progressive wind, no matter how ultra-rich they are. I do the same thing investment-wise. But nobody knows these people anyway, often there is not even a photo of them on the Internet. What is important are the people who actively run their companies (most of which belong to them and their family). As a rule, they are arch-conservative and libertarian.

Example: Markus Krall, who is considered a crash prophet and investment genius. If you do exactly the opposite of what Mr. Krall suggests, you won’t become rich either, but at least not as poor as his investors. Luisman rule: anyone who has to earn money with books and lectures is certainly not a billionaire. Max Otte is at least a millionaire, but I’m not so sure he has more money than I do 😉 The aforementioned Luisman rule also applies here. In addition: those who have to earn their money with stock market letters usually don’t really have much money either. One is considered rich from about 100 million EUR. Everything below that is such cropp stuff like me. You can manage a few million investments on the side. For 100 million upwards you need professionals and clear, proven strategies, you can’t do that on the side.

Another stupid question

Do you think Elon Musk, supposedly the richest man in the world (after Jack Ma did the disappearing act) couldn’t come up with a Facebook and Twitter replacement within a few months? Second stupid question: Why doesn’t he even think about doing something like that? Maybe he has something to gain from the fact that the masses are going crazy about the climate and he can sell more and more cars worth 10,000 EUR for 50-70,000 EUR.

Especially in the FRG there are many billionaires who were quite poor at birth. One always expects this from the USA, but this does not apply there so often. Some don’t believe it, but the second mouse gets the cheese, the first one dies usually. More and more often the 2nd mouse sits in Europe or China.

In the short term

it is important not to let the communication break off. There are already some ‘alternative platforms’ like Bitchute, Parler, Minds, etc. WordPress has been good to us so far, but I think we need an alternative soon. I’ve seen too many just disappear from WordPress overnight. For YouTubers, besides Bitchute (currently only useful as a backup), there’s Odysee and maybe Rumble (if they upgrade soon). For bloggers, ‘’, which belongs to Google, might be a step out of the frying pan into the fire. The boss of seems to be quite reasonable. Do you really need Twitter? I don’t need it. I was on for about a year and deleted it. Too many nutjobs there. Telegram and is in Russian hands and you can expect that they don’t necessarily cooperate with the West. I’ll keep watching to see what develops there, but you can’t rely on anything in the long run.

Infrastructure is important

Parler, who rented their servers from Amazon, was eliminated over night. Most ‘hosting providers’ are not really independent and only sell capacities of the internet giants. Even the allocation of the so-called ‘domain names’ is not independent and has been abused many times. Do we have to go to the ‘dark web’ in the future? Maybe, for some time.

In the long run, I think it will come down to a completely decentralized structure, based on basically encrypted (crypto) peer-to-peer communication, in which interest groups come together. It is possible to crack a single message or address with the greatest effort, but the entirety is never at risk. Storing files on distributed servers is no longer a secret.

The dear money

Leaving money lying around on the account or in a cryptocurrency is in my opinion even worse than buying physical gold (can you buy puts on Bitcoin?). There are already enough alternatives to banks, paypal, etc. for transactions. But as long as we don’t have a communist world government (an illusion) monetary investments have to be profitable somehow. IMO stocks are the best option, some like real estate (which, as the name suggests, is not mobile). Any buffoon can set up an anonymous company, and invest through that (then the name of the lawyer or notary is in the register), even if you end up in some clinker in Vanuatu or Panama. No fundamental problem, if you have a little more than small change.


The current problems are solvable. The rich heirs who follow the mainstream are not really important (and usually go broke after 1 or 2 generations anyway). We need to win over some of the current active money making billionaires. This is what the older politicians who have good contacts should focus on (why does Weidel actually sit on the AfD board?). Furthermore, the Internet infrastructure must be secured, first with the ‘alternative’ media, then with a crypto structure. Perhaps there will soon be ‘Trump TV’ in addition to Breitbart, for the schnooks. The Googles, Twitters and Facebooks have maneuvered themselves into a supposedly unassailable position with a lot of lies and deception. It doesn’t have to stay that way, and it can’t. The initial expense for new platforms is enormous, and funding must be provided. If the so-called ‘right-wingers’ are disciplined and turn off the taps of companies that only sell and advertise on left-wing platforms, the tide will turn.