Do not deal with Cheapoair !!!

Well, what do you expect from a company named like that, would you say. And you’re right. Hindsight is 20:20.

But if you scramble through the online offers for cheap flights, you’d of course save a few bucks when booking a regular flight, if you assume (yeah: ass you me) that all the online bookers are about the same. No, they are not. Long time online booking services have their ducks in a row, if just to minimize costs. Newer bookers seem to make use of mainly non- (or barely) English speaking operators in low wage countries and don’t have settled procedures. They are still practicing.

Unfortunately, as scores of flights were canceled during the COVID crisis, and many are still now, the long established online-bookers just followed their proven procedures and refunded their customers for cancelled flights as it should be. Cheapoair doesn’t. Their phone lines are unuseable, and their Email responses are useless, if they are intelligible at all.
They told me via Email (a few days after my flight was cancelled by the airline) that my refund was already processed, but the actual refund may take up to 3 months. OK, fine, this is an extraordinary situation, shit may take a while. That was in August 2020. I asked in January 2021 if they have refunded my – only around 200 bucks – to my credit card and they replied, yes they have. Obviously that was untrue, as I checked my CC account every month since August. The “best” was, that they request I provide them my CC staements for three months since August 2020 (which don’t exist, as I use this CC only for travel, and there was no travel during this time), to prove I’ve not received a refund. Of course they should have provided their transaction identifiers for the refund to my CC company, which they haven’t done until today. Wonder why? Yeah, they have just stolen my money.

Even the lowest lawyer fee to contest them would cost me a lot more than these 200 bucks. I already spent more time mailing and phoning with them, my bank and the CC company than I’d have spent flying. And now I checked the multitude of complaints on the internet about this company Cheapoair. They seem to have cheated thousands of customers out of clearly refundable airfares.

Cheapoair is a fucked up company, nobody should deal with. There’s a company that should be cancelled.

That’s all

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  1. While CheapoAir is the worst, the others are not much better.
    I had a string of cancelled tickets around the same time. Waiting 2 hours to get through to Expedia, talking to an Indian lady working from home who is often interrupted by her dad. Put on hold for 30 minutes every time she tries to check something because her connection is so slow.
    Airlines are not much better. Cathay Pacific will not refund or give credit via Expedia, only offer the same flight on a later date (the flight was not operating for months).
    I could go on.
    Any other business, if you pay money they must deliver the goods or refund you. Airlines and booking agencies get to keep your money.

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    1. OK, but you were dealing with them in the time when plenty of flights were set up and cancelled every day. The situation has stabilized, and they should be able to deal with their backlog. Instead they just lie. Lucky me am just out 200 bucks, others are out 4,000 and more. Now they don’t even respond to Emails.

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      1. I had a situation like that with Western Union where they would not answer the phone or respond to emails. I wrote them about 6 physical letters to create a paper trail and finally they gave in and gave me my money back.
        But that was $2k so it was worth my while.


  2. Hi Luisman,

    what a petty what happend to you, next time I can fly with you together, I just recieved my private pilot licence 😀, so I can fly you to every corner on earth and with much more fun and safer, as when you would fly with a Carrier from the Phillipines together with 100 < people onboard an aluminium tube. Just give me a Message next time

    Best reguards Astirchen


    1. If commercial airlines stick to mask mandates on their flights, obligatory testing and/or a vaccination certificate, I may switch to private flights, if countries ever open up again.


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