Happy Easter lockdown – again

From today, March 20 to April 5. No visitors at home, nobody under 18 or over 60 may go out of the house, barangay checkpoints, curfew 10pm to 5am. You can buy only essential goods, no liquor (which includes beer and wine here). Bars, restos, gyms, etc. closed (or takeout only).

Angeles City has between 450,000 and 500,000 inhabitants. Of these, 2,558 had a positive PRC-test, these are 0.568%. Out of the 2,558 ‘cases’, 2,047 have recovered, which is a recovery rate of 80%. 132 people have died, which are 5% of the ‘cases’ or 0.03% of the population. The simple facts speak for themselves.

Further stats: The Luisman household posesses 3.5 bottles of Tanduay and 3 bottles of wine. Will this be sufficient for 17 nights? Will update…

Edit: Nobody is dying from the vaccines…..nobody


7 thoughts on “Happy Easter lockdown – again

  1. Here things are opening up again even though there are still cases. They just stopped reporting it on the news. Tourists are now arriving without swab tests or quarantine. My beach is busy on the weekends and there are customers in the restaurants. Few masks. Some people who’ve been unemployed for a year might get back to work.
    Covid can be dangerous in some cases but our provincial bosses finally realized that serious hunger is dangerous in all cases. Or they just want to keep the rivers of gold flowing into their own pockets. Not many kickbacks when everything’s closed.

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    1. We had a little pre-lockdown celebration last night in a bar. My remaining 2 brain cells don’t remember exactly what happened after 10 or so drinks.


  2. Zu den christlichen Feiertagen wird halt zugemacht. Hier (in Deutschland) wird das gleiche passieren.
    Die glücklichsten Sklaven sind halt die erbittertsten Feinde der Freiheit.
    Da kann man so viel demonstrieren und Anfragen stellen, wie man will.

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  3. Hi Luisman,

    falls ich dir vielleicht was senden soll dann sag Bescheid, ich will ja schließlich auch noch Blog Artikel haben 😜


    1. Tja, der Tanduay reicht noch bis morgen (dem urspruenglich geplanten Ende des Lockdown), aber der Governor der Provinz hat in seiner unendlichen Weisheit entschieden, dass der Lockdown um 10 Tage verlaengert wird. Dafuer muessen jetzt 3 Flaschen Wein reichen.

      Also ja, bitte um einige Flaschen Rum, per Drohne geliefert 😛


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