Watcha say?

Fighting inequality is like fighting gravity – that’s why they bury you 6ft under, not 6ft above ground.

If the top experts say, we don’t know if it works or for how long it works, but you get the shot anyway, would you mind if I call you a drug addict?

Why don’t we treat the people who want to save the world (or humanity, the climate etc.) with the same disdain, as we usually treat people who want to save our soul?

Germany hangs on to the official narrative of being a ‘perpetrator people’, having a kind of hereditary debt to the world due to the holocaust, even though basically everyone who could have been a perpetrator until 1945 has already died. As Germans are tired of being Germans, they want to elect a new governing party, the ‘Greens’. Their top candidates for becoming chancellor of the Reichstag demonstrated that they want to create a new people, a new race, which are not called Arian, as the former ‘Fhrer’ did. In order to belong to the new race, you have to manifest the Dunning-Kruger effect in public, while smiling, but not laughing. I suggested to call this new race [Homo Annalena-Habeckiensis]®

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  1. Haha, Annalena Baerbock hat sich als Parteivorsitzende der Grünen von der eigenen Partei die Sonderzahlungen, sprich Weihnachtsgeld und Corona Zahlung, selbst genehmigt und sich dann tierisch darüber geärgert, dass sie sich die selbst genehmigt hat und zu spät der Bundesverwaltung gemeldet hat. Obwohl sie hoch moralisch immer auf Transparenz gedrungen hat. Typischer Fall von Doppelmoral. Scheint typisch für Moralapostel zu sein.
    Wieso hat sie sich eigentlich Sonderzahlungen von ihrer Partei genehmigt? Sie bekommen doch schon Geld genug als Bundestagsabgeordnete! Ihre Parteikollegen müssen Beitrag bezahlen, anstatt dass sie Sonderzahlungen bekommen. Ist das die berühmte „linksgrüne soziale Gerechtigkeit“, bei der doch immer Gleichheit im Vordergrund steht?

    Haha, Annalena Baerbock, as party leader of the Greens, approved the special payments from her own party, i.e. Christmas bonus and Corona payment, and was then furious that she approved them herself and reported too late to the federal administration. Although she has always insisted on transparency in a highly moral manner. Typical case of double standards. Seems to be typical of moral apostles.
    Why did she actually approve special payments from her party? You already get enough money as a member of the Bundestag! Your party colleagues have to pay contributions instead of receiving special payments. Is that the famous “left-wing green social justice”, where equality is always in the foreground?

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    1. Well, these are 2 very special older German women. Both long time representatives of the Greens, sitting in the country’s parliament.


    2. These 2 women don’t just look aggressive, they are. They are typical green, aggressive moral apostles who use morality to aggressively satisfy their instinct for validity, but who do not adhere to their own morals, as is often the case.


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