Mutants at work

And I mean all of them, every singe face that appears on camera.

No idea what Ed Dutton would think of it, but in my arrogant and generally useless opinion, nothing represents mediocrity more that this. Enjoy. Extra points, if you can make it through the nearly one hour without skipping – I couldn’t.

That’s 2021 culture, guys and gals. Van Gogh wouldn’t have just cut off one ear, but poked his eyes out with a hot iron. Someone thought, these were the top ten auditions. No idea why. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, are you blind AND deaf?

Only for those who made it through this ordeal, and I think it would be unfair for these “artists” to compete with Bach, Beethoven or Grieg. Instead, have a bit of this.

Based on merit, not on promotion, and none of them looks like a wet gremlin.

I have, again, no idea, why a lot of people like these amateur singer competitions. Must have been the evil part of Google’s AI which put that into my YouTube feed. I heard plenty of Filipino cover bands throughout Asia, and most of them were quite a bit better than any of these “idols”.


4 thoughts on “Mutants at work

    1. About 20 years ago, Dieter Bohlen, who founded the ‘Modern Talking’ Duo, started a German version of American Idol. He was totaly harsh to the wannabe contestants and ridiculed them. That was fun for a while.

      I like London Grammar, as it reminds me of the early days Genesis songs with Peter Gabriel.

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