We don’t need mad kings

Known far and wide as “the mad King”, his was a reign of instability and terror. The seven Kingdoms are well rid of him and his kind. Oh, he may have appeared to be a capable ruler at first, but that was due in no small part to his councilors led by the Hand of the King, Tywin Lannister. There may have been years of peace and prosperity during Aerys’s reign, but it was Tywin who was really running the country as Aerys spiraled further and further into insanity. [Game of Thrones]

The mad King Henry VI (1421-1471). Even worse than a powerful mad King is a weak and imbecile one. This leaves the factions in the country fighting amongst themselves, without anyone able to stop it. The weak King creates an uncertain environment for everyone. This may lead to decades of infighting. Britain had it’s fair share of mad Kings, like King George III and some more. Rome had a number of seriously mad dictators, until it dissolved.

And until quite recently, like one and a half years ago, we thought that our parliaments, prime ministers, presidents, heads of government institutions, are largely bound by the common law, by some constitution or similar document, which limits what government can do to ‘we the people’. Unless you lived in the USA, it was quite unusual in the rest of the 1st world, that government ruled by edict, not by law. But looking back into the development of this crisis, the last sentence might not even be true. Life long politicians and heads of institutions have turned on a dime and given up all pretense of democracy, rule of law etc. They seem to enjoy their quasi-monarchical powers and have no intentions of giving them up again.

Just look at these buffoons, like Andrews from Victoria/AUS, who never did anything in his life but politics. Or Merkel/Germany who was a leading figure in the communist youth organization of the Russian controlled part of Germany. Biden, just like Andrews, a life long politician. Or Macron/FR and Johnson/UK, two schemers you wouldn’t buy a car from. And even this clown Trudeau/CAN has just been reelected.

Formally these madmen are elected by ‘the people’, but the people you are able to elect, are pre-selected by the moneyed interests. It doesn’t much matter who ‘the people’ elect, if their choice is only between X, Y and Z, who are all controlled by the money elites with their powerful media/propaganda apparatus.

You might ask, are these really madmen, these politicians and leaders of government institutions? Or are they just out of their depth, because, who can handle a crisis like COVID? From my experience in a multinational corporation, you’ll be overwhelmed every other day, by things you can’t control. But there are natural law rules that guide you through a crisis. Rules like simple math, like basic scientific facts, like predictable human behavior and so on. We were used to basic rules in politics. They seem to have been thrown over board. There’s no guidance the politicians follow. It’s just power play.

The so called ‘western’ governments grew at an unbelievable pace for the last 100 years. Tax rates and ‘mandatory contributions’ were rather small and manageable in the wee 1900’s. Today, if you add up taxes and ‘contributions’, you’d be hard pressed to find any ‘western’ country where you have to pay less than 50% of your income to state coffers. Are these still “free” countries, in which half of your earnings go to government? Most people are lead to believe that this is no measure of freedom. And I digress, a Taliban asking you to pledge your allegiance to Allah or wanting to shoot you is probably less free. But you can’t always compare your country to the worst case scenario.

But imagine you’re a politician and can take 50+% of your peoples earnings (more than the mafia would take) without a revolution, without being shot. You might be seduced to think, how much more can we take? Of course you couch your theft with propaganda like equality, egalitarianism, big overdue projects, etc. A lot of people you redistribute the stolen funds to will be happy campers, for a while, until they want more. Now your have to think about how you can steal even more and redistribute even less.

There’s a downward spiral that can’t be stopped anymore.

Our elites

Societies form elites in the following 3 realms of power

  1. force, government and law
  2. finance, production and trade
  3. education, media (gossip, propaganda) and moralism/religion

These 3 elites are in conflict with each other, fight for dominance on behalf of their followers or people employed in their power structures. Often they form alliances, which are traditionally church and state. Until recently the alliance was between the military (state), the productive middle class (production) and the old church (traditional religion/morality). These fight against the underclasses (immigrants, minorities, low IQ workers, jobless), the media, the pseudo-science producing universities, the politicians who like to use force and make tyrannical laws, and the financial industry. Basically it’s a fight of the middle classes against the top and the bottom. [Curt Doolittle]

The European group development strategy relied on thruthtelling. That this has been totally abandoned, has become obvious during the last 1.5 years in the “COVID crisis”. The media has seen a chance for profit, when they over dramatize the disease and stoke fear. They have done much the same with the so called “climate crisis”, the alleged discrimination of women, and many other topics based mainly on misinformation and half-truths. The employees of the state, who have safe jobs and incomes, who do not depend on the economy, have seen the chance to install a regime, which benefits only them and disadvantages all free market actors. The only institution they left standing was the media for their propaganda. And they bought the financial elites to maintain silence, by completely blowing the lid on government debt.

You see, the political leaders are not mad to begin with. They have been layering lies upon lies for so long, they wouldn’t even know the truth, if it stares in their face. The thicket of lies is so densely woven, that they must live in their mad world or the whole Kabuki theater would collapse. For their own remaining sanity, they must not hear the truth anywhere. Truth mus be forbidden. And that is possible, thanks to the loyal services of the big social media companies. They are so far removed from reality, they risk destroying everybody with their mad edicts and regulations, like injecting children – who are at no risk from the Corona virus – with a damaging vaccine.

Don’t despair. Reality and natural laws don’t need a government, a big sponsor or a holy church to succeed. In my little 3rd world town, the vaccinations have started. For years I haven’t heard the sirens of an ambulance more than once a month. Now I hear them 10 times a day. It’s not caused by COVID cases, it started only after the vaccination campaign. A lot of people have serious “adverse reactions”. And we’re still on track to see serious autoimmune system issues in the next 2-3 years.

Don’t despair, reality will hit back hard. They will lie about it again. But at some point in time, every family will have a vaccine victim. At some point in time the gallows will be built.


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