The Vaxxoids

A new human species has been found. Anthropologists are still puzzled about it. It wasn’t in some remote part of the Amazon, not on some far away pacific island, not in some hard to get to Russian mine or cave, no time travel was involved an Elon did not find any on Mars.

For years people had the delusion that the silent majority would rise. One day I realized that the majority were silent because they did either not care or were too cowardly to do anything.

Sociologically stupid people cause losses to others without creating any benefits to themselves, and may even incur losses to themselves (lose-lose-interactions). Sociologically smart people create benefits for themselves and others (win-win-interactions). [“The basic laws of human stupidity” by Carlo Cipolla] This definition of smart and stupid does NOT necessarily correlate with intelligence or IQ.

Everybody underestimates the number of stupid people around. Who’d have thought it’s around 85% in the case of COVID vaccines?

Now we know, that the quickly developed so called COVID vaccines may have a benefit if you get infected with the original virus that came out of Wuhan. That is, if you survive the VAXX and have no morbidity caused by it, the rates of which are seemingly far higher than for any other vaccine. A large majority has been vaxxed because they were fearful and believed the promises of the pharma industry and politicians. And we all know, that it took around a year to develop, test and produce the so called COVID vaccines.

During this one year, the original virus propagated through the world, infected many people (we don’t actually know how many) and did, what viruses always do, mutate. The currently available vaccines provide little to no benefit against the mutant viruses. Proof for this is everywhere, if you want to see it. The most highly vaccinated countries have wave after wave of COVID infections, and “fully vaccinated” people still die from/with COVID.

What do the ‘helpless people‘ according to Cipolla do? The were told to show solidarity, take the vaxx as a benefit to others, even if they were already immune (from natural infection), even if they are at very low risk (like children and nearly anyone up to 50). They are taking a loss (at least a rather high vaxx risk) without any benefit to themselves. They were promised benefits, like going out again without masks, like being exempt from lockdowns, etc. but these benefits did not materialize, as the so called vaccines do not work for the mutant viruses. Their actions in good faith now puts them borderline in the category of the ‘stupid people’ (at least no benefits to themselves or to others).

What do the ‘criminals‘ do? They create benefits for themselves and losses for others. These are the upper echelons of the big pharma companies, and a lot of politicians. Their benefit is either financial, or to stay in power. The losses they create for others are financial or to keep smart people away from power.

What do stupid people do? They took the vaxx, even if they knew it wouldn’t provide any benefit to them, even if they suspected a high risk taking the vaxx (which they should know by now), and now they insist that everybody else must take the useless, dangerous vaxx, just to mess them up as well. Of course they were provided a malevolent story, which the media and politicians blare from every roof, that the unvaxxed are to blame for the failure of the so called vaccines, so they can feel good being stupid. The ‘helpless’ bought that same story.

What do the smart people do? They don’t take the vaxx (or fake it). They improve their health as much as possible, so that their chances of getting actually sick or hospitalized is low. Some smart politicians (in India) ramped up the distribution of Ivermectin, which prevents probably over 80% of cases of falling ill. Most reduce the contacts outside of family in order to reduce their chance of getting infected, if they don’t already have natural immunity.

The smart people could overpower the criminals, if it wasn’t for the stupid people, who are the most dangerous people in the world. Civilizations fail, if the smart people cannot keep the stupid people and criminals in check. If the criminals use the stupid as a counter-force against the smart and helpless, you get the totalitarian systems which are about to be established these days.

It’s in the balance, if the helpless people (the silent majority) wake up to the lies the criminals broadcast every day. But the blackpilled truth is, they probably won’t. The helpless provide benefits to others and don’t get ahead. They swallowed the propaganda that they should feel as victims – of capitalism, of the white man, the climate, whatever. They are no revolutionaries at heart. And no one should blame them for it, as they act just as robots of their genes like anyone else.

Let’s greet the new century of the Vaxxoids, the people who want to fuck it up, for everybody, and most of them even for themselves.


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