Dear Bill Gates

what, if you are as wrong about climate change, as you were about the mRNA „vaccines“ ?

Millions of people have died because they took the experimental „vaccines“ and many millions more have to live with permanent damage to their health, like strokes and heart damage, cancer and other inflammatory diseases. And these experimental so called vaccines do not make you immune, do not decrease infection rates, do not prevent hospitalization and may – might – reduce deaths for very old and unhealthy people.

How many millions have to die, have to live in very poor conditions, have to live a joyless and difficult life, only to find out, that the effect of these climate policies on the climate was negligible? Tell us. How many? Do you even care?

Why should we listen to you? You have a history of being wrong. After decades of bluescreens, I’m not inclined to trust you.

3 thoughts on “Dear Bill Gates

  1. Of course he is wrong. He is not only wrong, he is mad. But we let him get away with it. We even pay with our money, health and life for his madness. He is laughing. He couldn’t give a shXX. We all are even more crazy than him.

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