Recap of Dr. Drew and Dr. Jay

Throughout the so called pandemic, I regarded Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford University) as one of the most rational and sober minds. He combines medical knowledge, statistical knowledge and many insights into social sciences, which are not mere blubber, but have serious studies behind them. In other words, I admit having a certain bias in favor of him, also, because I like people who have a similar level of pattern recognition as I have.

At first we have to start with the origin of the SARS-COV-2 virus. It is highly likely, that it was built in the bio-research lab in Wuhan, with the support of US grants and maybe even US military research related to bio-weapons. And the strange interest of the US health bureaucracy in this virus research is most likely their failure to find a vaccine for AIDS/HIV. The major/leading part of this health bureaucracy is staffed with former AIDS/HIV researchers and public health officials, whose reputation is connected to this almost forgotten pandemic. Even though useful therapeutics have been developed for HIV/AIDS, an eradication has not been achieved. The spearheads of the HIV research have not become public heroes.

One of their conclusions was, to sponsor virus research, in order to contain the next pandemic, not with therapeutics, but with vaccines. Vaccines, which would be applied to everybody in the world, are a really good business, not only for the patent holders, but also for a number of pharmaceutical companies who would produce these vaccines. Everybody in their inner circle could become stinking rich, and the world would be better off for it. Not a bad strategy, and a very American way of doing business.

The first reaction to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic was, to CYA (cover your ass). Can’t be the bats they brought to their lab in Wuhan. No, it’s the wet market. Everybody knows, that these Chinese markets are filthy. Nahh they surely aren’t racists… 😉 Who in North-America or Europe has ever seen a South East Asian market? Basically no one. You can’t imagine the flies. Don’t mention the rats and cockroaches. I live here. Northern Asia is very clean in comparison. I lived there as well.

The second reaction was, to proceed with their original goals. Become the savior of humanity, by producing a vaccine as fast as possible, as this was the goal for all this virus research in the first place. No therapeutics please. The hubris of these people is unimaginable for any normal person.

Lockdowns, masks and

social distancing. The basic idea of these ‘virologists’ was, to cure any pandemic with vaccines. The basic formula for these vaccines was already known, before the virus started to spread. It was the principle behind the research for new viruses. You had to know the cure in form of a vaccine, before the virus could spread. DNA and RNA sequencing made it possible. As soon as you create a new virus, you know its gene sequence and its hull and therefore also its vaccine. Just make a vaccine which blocks the hull to dock to the cells. Easy as that. You’re a hero. Unfortunately, the hull itself in this case, is pathogenic.

The logistical problem is, that the vaccine has to be tested and produced en mass. OK. Convince the government, that testing has to be minimal and mass production has to be sponsored by government funds. No big deal. Everybody is scared by a new and dangerous virus. Government people are mostly fools anyway. They usually have no scientific qualifications whatsoever.

Now, how to bridge the time between “discovering” the vaccine and being able to distribute them all over the world (and make shitloads of money)?

  1. Block all therapeutics
  2. Create massive fear by extrapolating the death counts
  3. Mandate measures which do not help in any way.

Early on in the pandemic, I wondered, why nobody spoke about strengthening the immune system (with Vitamins and healthy eating), why HCQ was condemned, and later Ivermectin, why dying with COVID or of COVID was just the same, why it was ignored that old people died much more frequently than young people, and why lockdowns, masks and distancing was promoted, although we’ve never done this and there was no evidence any of this would work. Now we know.


in order to make money. Gazillions of money.

Dissent? No way!!!

The general public may be fooled. The politicians may be fooled. But it is harder to fool the expert doctors in respiratory deceases. It’s hard to fool virologists around the world. Luckily most of them are utterly dependent on the government or on very large health organizations. Both of them are run by greedy fools. Easy peasy. The way to deal with the renegade doctors is, to “fact check” them. It’s this old method, invented by Edward Bernays, perfected somewhat by Goebbels. Propaganda. Punish those, who go against the grain. Conspiracy doctors!!!

Yes, it’s evil, I know, but their 1st priority was CYA, their 2nd still is, to sell vaccines.

Propaganda is not an easy feat, although I always say, that manipulating people is much easier than normal people would imagine. The first step here was, to instill fear with the misinformation, that everybody has the same risk of dying from COVID. We now know, it’s not true at all, but early on, we didn’t know this. But it was easily accepted, as the so called progressives promoted the equality agenda for many years already. The false equality agenda was the groundwork for the success of the propaganda for COVID. Remember that this agenda was already in play during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, has popped up again regarding the monkey-pox issue and continues to thrive in universities. Who dares to say, that AIDS and monkey-pox spreads nearly exclusively among gays? If you say so, as a health official or a salaried doctor, kiss your career goodbye.

The mass delusional psychosis

Only a few months ago, the psychological effects of the COVID government mandates have been analyzed and taken into account. Parents and children queue up in front of psychologists offices. Although psychology is one of the weaker sciences (as is medicine, as opposed to physics, math, chemistry and biology), many people who know nothing about it may be astonished, what effects can be achieved by intentionally manipulating people.

As someone who is versed in the manosphere, there is no doubt, that women are much more adept in manipulating people than men are. While women are more prone to use this, it was mainly men, who did the science on this, and weaponized it, against everyone, including women. There’s no point blaming women for the mass delusional psychosis with regards to COVID, as there’s no point just blaming women for the resurrection of Marxist, green and socialist policies in the political arena. The common denominator is, that weak people who cannot compete or fail in meritocracy, are prone to use this method to gain some advantages. The question we have to ask ourselves is, how did we allow men to become such conformists.


This failure of humanity of epic proportions has been initiated by a small cabal of truly evil and irresponsible people. They wanted to become heroes, because they thought their intellect is way above the general population and because of this, they would have the right and obligation to direct humanity. Their hubris bursts all limits. They could pull this off, because they are part of the almighty bureaucracy. WE allowed this. WE allowed an anonymous bureaucracy to dictate our lives. WE thought, we could be lazy and be led by these people. It’s time to stop this.

I’m not saying that capitalism is bad, or even that enriching yourself as a public official is bad. I’m saying that each and every person is responsible for his actions, and that you shall be punished, if you abuse your powers.

The main reason I write this down is, that this is the most logical explanation of the strange events of the last 2 and a half years, I’ve heard until now. Some of us may have been confronted with, until recently, unbelievable conspiracy theories, by people who may sound crazy. Now it turns out that many conspiracies are actually true. What is the trajectory of humanity, if we are so vulnerable to propaganda? I don’t know. You tell me.

PS: I will not translate this into German. In order to fully understand this, you need to speak English and be familiar with the context in the north-American hemisphere.


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  1. Yeah, I had that idea too when the injections didn’t show any discernible effect the first time. And they have billions over billions of reasons to keep doing that – even the useful idiots do. Main problem: Pretty much the whole world played along. Who’s there to set up a special tribunal for crimes agains humanity? Nobody.

    Because even the useful idiots now can’t admit the truth, even if that is just that they didn’t know better but told the people stuff anyway. “I didn’t know better” is as useful as an excuse for crimes agains humanity as is “I was just following orders”. We know the penalty for that in much smaller scale. Such an admission will thus never happen.

    Because we allow that. Sad, but true.

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  2. There is no conspiracy theory, only theorys and explanations of more or less plausibility. And this one sounds for me very plausible. At least better than all the other-ones I heard until now. Needs to be published in all languages đŸ˜‚đŸ€—

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