Fuck me harder daddy, fuck me harder

When daddy government decided, that you have to mask, social distance, stay at home, close your shop, bankrupt your business, what did you say?

Did you say: Fuck this government – I do what I want.


You said: Fuck me harder daddy.

You even said: Daddy look, he’s not wearing his mask properly – beat him up.

You snitched: Look daddy, he’s having a birthday party – lock him up.

You envied: Daddy, daddy, he opened his coffee shop – fine him and close him, arrest his customers.

You are a disgusting people.

When daddy government decided, that everyone must get the death shot of an experimental so called vaccine, what did you say?

Did you say: Fuck this government – I’m not being experimented on. There was a good reason for the Nuremberg codex.


You said: Me first daddy, me first.

You said: The Unvaxxed are 3rd class people. Don’t let them get anywhere near me. Lock them up. Build camps.

You are one tribe. A tribe of morons. The people in government think of you as cattle which doesn’t know what to do on it’s own. And that’s what you actually are. You and your government belong together, you are one tribe. Totalitarians. Not my tribe.

Even now, that the government decided to slowly follow the actual science, not their pseudo science, you still walk around masked, you still get vaxxed.

If anything with this so called vaccination works, I pray to god, it’s the negative effect on fertility.

It will take many years, probably 5 to 10, until the 2/3 of you who asked the government to fuck you harder will realize, that it didn’t use KY jelly and that you’re still bleeding. Again, I pray to god, that you disgusting, moronic people will forever be unable to procreate. If there’s one thing this world doesn’t need more of, it’s morons.

As long as you live, I will treat you the same way your government treats you: as cattle. Go fuck yourselves.

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