Compersion vs. Spitefulness

Mitfreude vs. Schadenfreude (German)

A fundamental difference in societal evolution. I picked up this topic from a discussion between Daniel Schmachtenberger and Lex Fridman. There are two intermediate steps. One towards Compersion is compassion, where you genuinely feel the pain and need of your partner or counterpart. The other, towards spitefulness, is jealousy, where you feel that the (temporary) success of the other person is somehow undeserved, or will diminish your own ability to succeed.

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Noch eine deutliche Warnung vor den Impfstoffen

Die sogenannten “spike Proteine”, die von den derzeitigen Impfungen entweder direkt in den Koerper gespritzt werden (unter Umgehung des normalen Infektionswegs via Atemwege), oder koerpereigene Zellen dazu anregen diese zu produzieren, sind direkt – d.h. ohne den genetischen Code des sogenannten SARS-COV-2 Virus – fuer einen Grossteil der Krankheitsbilder von COVID verantwortlich.

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The TWO Chinese viruses sweeping the world

One is obviously the SARS-COV-2, which most probably escaped a bio-lab in Wuhan sometime in 2019. The other is Chinese style totalitarianism, which does not focus on individual freedom, but excuses its excesses with safety/security and some level of prosperity. So many countries around the world tried and still try to copy the Chinese lockdown measures, their initial mask mandates, their curfews, their definition of “essential businesses”, etc., in the name of fighting an allegedly very dangerous and very deadly virus.

Even the early Chinese data about the infection showed that it mainly affects very old people, and people with other serious health conditions, including some info about obesity as a strong indicator of vulnerability. And obesity doesn’t mean you’re a bit round around the middle, but that a man has over 30% body fat, a women has over 40%.

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Happy Easter lockdown – again

From today, March 20 to April 5. No visitors at home, nobody under 18 or over 60 may go out of the house, barangay checkpoints, curfew 10pm to 5am. You can buy only essential goods, no liquor (which includes beer and wine here). Bars, restos, gyms, etc. closed (or takeout only).

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Night of the Long Knives

Well, the last few days the almighty Internet companies have let their pants down. All in chorus: Trump – evil – we must delete. Everyone who finds something good about Trump – evil – we must delete.

Some English blogs have been talking about the “Masters of the Universe” for a while now.

The wet dreams of the do-gooders revolve around seeing the Trumpers tarred and feathered.

It was the night of the long knives in the digital realm. And it’s not even dawn yet. It’s going to go on for a while.

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Der Weg zum weichen Totalitarismus

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Das sind ca. 9 Seiten, also nehmt Euch Zeit.

Es ist frustrierend, dass ich gerade ein Buch fertig geschrieben habe, Live Not By Lies, aber bis Ende September warten muss, bis es veröffentlicht wird. So viel von seinem Inhalt ist höchst relevant für die schwere soziale Krise, die die USA heute erleben. Das Buch beginnt folgendermaßen:

“Es gibt immer diesen Irrglauben: ‘Hier wäre es nicht dasselbe, hier sind solche Dinge unmöglich.’ Ach, all das Böse des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts ist überall auf der Erde möglich.” – Aleksandr Solschenizyn

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