To keep you in check,

not to inform you in an unbiased way. Remember when the teachers lied to you when they said that the media is the 4th power in a state, and their purpose is to keep the executive, legislative and judicial powers in check? They would report about the facts, investigate, dig out the truth, so that the government can’t just lie to the people. We know that this is not true. We should know that this never was true. Like all fairy tales with which you grew up, you should stop believing them as an adult.

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Comedian tells Wokesters to work not complain

Diesen ganzen Verzicht, Verzicht auf Autos, auf Strom, auf Heizung, auf Urlaub, auf Fleisch usw., das sollen die woken Sproesslinge mal den hunderten Millionen Armen dieser Welt erklaeren, die auf all das schon weitgehend verzichten muessen, weil sie nicht anders koennen, weil sie arm sind, nicht weil sie gruen sind.

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For the sake of civilization

Civilizations require the mental power to discover and harness the natural laws.

Ongoing artificial exponential growth is the failure to convert into S-curves on time.

(If you don’t know what S-curves are and what they are used for, please search on the net for yourself.)

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