Corona from A – Z , the politically incorrect and somewhat cynical index to the “crisis”

From A – Actionism to Z – (Corona) Zombies


The highest commandment for politicians in C. times. Even if you don’t know anything specific, you have to pretend that you know everything at the right time. Actionism entails every stupid measure and advice “in the crisis”, because nothing less than the health of everyone is at stake.

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Defund the …

police? Mhmm, maybe in parts? Like all state services it should only offer essential services, which the individual citizen normally can’t do on his own, or isn’t allowed to. Issuing traffic tickets should e.g. be done by the city or district, so that you could actually call the real police on them if they harass you too much or try to take away your property. This harassment is in my experience the main cause for hate on the police, not just for blacks, for everyone. If these traffic goons have no real police power anymore, you can direct all your hatred towards the mayor, as he’s the one directing the haymaking through fines and penalties. Vote for someone who’s not an asshole or an idiot. Continue reading Defund the …

Conspiracy Theory galore

My general opinion on conspiracy theories is: prove it. I believe in “small scale” conspiracies, e.g. if 2…3…4 people work together to gain an unfair advantage for themselves. Large scale conspiracies, like hundred thousands of Jews, hundreds of bankers, thousands of researchers, etc. not so much – I categorise these as “very unlikely”. This is based on the lessons of life, like “Wherever you are, there’s always an asshole”. It’s hard enough to exclude the assholes in the group you have chosen to be in. That’s impossible in large groups. You’ll always have a blabbermouth who’s going to fuck it up for everyone else. However, I believe in corruption. Done it myself and can testify that it definitely works. Continue reading Conspiracy Theory galore