Knowledge about physics is at Stone Age level

Prof. Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Physics (at MIT), has made a very fitting remark describing our dilemma:

Go into the anteroom of an opera house, a theater, or wherever you are having a cultivated conversation. Then ask who knows the 2nd law of thermodynamics. For those educated in the humanities this is the equivalent when someone asks them whether they have read this or that of Shakespeare. Those who think they are educated know at least their Shakespeare. When asked about physics, hardly anyone knows the answer, even worse, most people don’t even think it worthwhile to know. Continue reading Knowledge about physics is at Stone Age level

The difference between mathematics and philosophy

Man knows there are two sexes. The postmodern man knows there are 57 gender (or any number between 3 and 100). The philosopher thinks, according to the principle of gender, there could also be 7-8 billion gender instead of 57 (if everyone is allowed to determine his gender57 , including pronouns). 

  Continue reading The difference between mathematics and philosophy

Parallel Universes

Whoever denies the existence of the unconscious is in fact assuming that our present knowledge of the psyche is total. And this belief is clearly just as false as the assumption that we know all there is to be known about the natural universe. Our psyche is part of nature, and its enigma is as limitless. Thus we cannot define either the psyche or nature. We can merely state what we believe them to be and describe, as best we can, how they function. (C.G. Jung) Continue reading Parallel Universes

The Google Video, a cult is revealed

Breitbart has published an internal Google video of one of their TGIF meetings that took place shortly after Trump’s election. One should really watch the thing in full length to understand how deeply these people are trapped in their ideological bubble and ignore any information that would contradict their views.

After looking at it, you should take a look at Google’s “official” reaction, which states that political prejudices do not affect any of their products and that every employee is free to express their personal opinions at these events. Continue reading The Google Video, a cult is revealed