A hailstorm of red pills


Envy and resentment

Does anyone remember his sandbox games, or building a snowman? Maybe someone remembers that there was often a child from the neighborhood or school who just strutted in and ruined everything. Sure, this happens sometimes by accident, out of sheer stupidity, and so on. But at least once, everyone has experienced, how someone came along and destroyed out of pure envy, what one has built laboriously, over hours.

A snow castle, a snowman, a sand castle, or statues. Continue reading Envy and resentment

To be or not to be – or to be smart?

A society that no longer has children is dying out. You don’t have to look for the culprit among Muslims, feminists, socialists or postmodernists, you just have to look in the mirror. Of course, the three latter ideologies contribute significantly to increasing childlessness. And the former ideology, Islam in its invasive European form, is exacerbating the pressure by depriving Europeans (whites) ready to have children of their means through taxes and levies. I see the main reason for childlessness in the combination of massive technological advances and the welfare state. This has plagued us since the French Revolution and since Marx, and we cannot get over this alleged dichotomy that we continue to have poverty despite our ever-increasing wealth. Continue reading To be or not to be – or to be smart?

The reason for the screeching

Faggit. Is there actually ONE writer of these feminist bibles who is not a lesbian? In any case, the vast majority are. Why can normal heterosexual women be dictated by lesbians about sex, having children and family life? It’s like the blind man talking about colors. I would certainly not let some gay guy advise me on how to deal with my wife, girlfriend and children (even if I agree with him politically/philosophically), let alone allow him to set guidelines. Continue reading The reason for the screeching

UK: The first european shithole country

Currently I’m still too angry to make a coherent comment. The Nazi-style judge of the case imposed a gag order, preventing everyone who knows the details to talk about it. The only thing that comes to mind is, if the British people don’t get up and send an unmistakeable message to their government now, urgently, you’re done. That’s how you become an enslaved nation. Continue reading UK: The first european shithole country

Where Jordan Peterson is wrong

He is so utterly wrong, it is self destroying to any western civilization. The point he is so wrong about is tribalism. He hates and condemns it. He only mentions the worst aspects of tribalism, thus showing his personal bias. His starting point was, as he himself explained several times, the study of totalitarian systems and how they got murderous to the point of self destruction or mutually assured destruction. I understand where he’s coming from and in no way do I want to minimize or excuse the worst effects of an extreme tribalist world view. Peterson says, that what the West got right is individualism. It’s a bit like saying, in order to not ‘brown’ your underwear, you must never take a shit and pee it all out. The problem, as always with ideologies, is biology, evolution ‘and stuff’. Continue reading Where Jordan Peterson is wrong

Fuck Robin Hood

I mean, seriously, fuck him. Fuck everyone who made him a legend, who made him a hero and not the villain he was. And also fuck everyone, who, since this English folklore legend was written up, wanted to be some kind of Robin Hood. The most likely reason this asshole was excluded from polite medieval society was, that he was a thief in the first place, not that he was a supporter of one king or another. If the law of the land is the 8th commandment “You shall not steal”, then you’re an outlaw if you do. The early folk tales/ballads don’t indicate that he only stole from the rich and don’t indicate at all that he gave to the poor. It looks to me that the “legend” had it’s origins in a scare story about a highwayman and evolved into a hero story, made up by people who made money by telling/singing stories. Continue reading Fuck Robin Hood