Wenn einer anfängt müssen alle anderen mitmachen.

Viele Universitäts-Professoren, Psychologen, Politiker und sogar die überwiegende Mehrheit der Bevölkerung meint, Identitätspolitik ist ein sinnloser Streit um nichts, und wir sollten das alle einfach lassen. Grundsätzlich möchte ich da zustimmen. Die Welt ist aber nicht so wie wir sie gerne hätten, sondern so wie sie ist. Continue reading Identitätspolitik


Warum die ‘alt right’ notwendig ist, aber falsch liegt

Es scheint mir so, dass Identitätspolitik immer dann die Oberhand gewinnt, wenn eine Gesellschaft in einem unlösbar erscheinenden Dilemma steckt. Ich will hier nicht generell gegen jede Art von Identitätspolitik argumentieren, denn ein gewisses Maß von Tribalismus steckt in jedem von uns. Insbesondere kulturelle Identitäten, lose gekoppelt mit genetischer Ähnlichkeit, führen immer wieder zur Segregation. Doch immer dann, wenn ein komplexes Problem ansteht, gibt es für einige Gruppen eine scheinbar einfache Lösung: Purifikation. Der Gedanke ist, wenn man die eigne Rasse, das eigene Volk oder seine Kultur von Fremdeinflüssen säubert, mit dem Ziel dass dann alle sich wieder einig sind, also in grundsätzlichen Fragen das Gleiche denken, dann lösen sich die Probleme von selbst. Continue reading Warum die ‘alt right’ notwendig ist, aber falsch liegt

Liberal Conservatism

After the Charlottesville debacle, the alt-Right tries to re-brand itself, tries to exclude fringe factions by defining some parts to be not on the right at all, and struggles to define what the alt-Right is after all. If there was anything to be gained by this “Unite the Right” rally, it is that there is no such thing as a united right. One thing has become clear to me in the last year of watching the discussions (of mostly low intellectual value) in various alt-Right circles. That thing is that there is no sound philosophical groundwork behind any of these rather small fringe groups. Continue reading Liberal Conservatism

Strategies: Stopping the bloodletting and social death of conservatives and alt-right

First, let me say that this is not a winning strategy, but a survival strategy to the point where we either see the breakdown of western socialism or the outbreak of widespread violence. What follows after that is anyone’s guess, but that is the point where a winning strategy would make sense. A survival strategy is needed, in order to give the following winning strategy a chance to be staffed by people who are smart enough to not get run over by the barbarians at the gate.

Why there is no winning strategy from the outset here, I have to explain. Whether you look to the USA with ca. 320 Million people or Europe with roughly 500 Million doesn’t matter all that much. I will go with the US numbers for now. Right now you have around 90-100 Million people in the US who are not even looking for work anymore. None of them starves to death. You have a few tens of Millions (20-40) working in the public sector, the majority of them are non-productive in any sense, e.g. they provide no goods or services for the regular American. Around 110 Million people work in the private sector. The rest of the population are retirees or kids. So, roughly and superficially you already have approximately one productive worker who feeds himself and two other people. But we know that this is not the case actually, because roughly half of the private sector workers are hardly scraping by, they just earn enough to feed, house and clothe themselves. The other half, around 50-60 Million are working productively and generate surpluses that feed the rest of the country. That means less than 20% of the American people make the country run, feed, house and clothe the other 80% who don’t do any (or much) productive work. These numbers are very similar to the situation in Europe. Continue reading Strategies: Stopping the bloodletting and social death of conservatives and alt-right

Declare Nov. 9 international Pepe day

The resistance has awoken and is starting to win. Let’s commemorate this day as the first step to eliminate Marxism and it’s derivatives like Socialism, Feminism, Genderism. We should also remember which strategies and tactics made our decline into Marxist ideologies possible and prevent future generations to fall into these traps. Globalism, Multiculturalism, political correctness and fantasies about a borderless world belong to these harmful propaganda methods that corrupt and destroy societies.

path4495 Continue reading Declare Nov. 9 international Pepe day

Vox Day’s Alt Right in 16 points

Let’s turn the heat on right from the start: Vox Day announces this as a basis for a core Alt Right philosophy. Where is the philosophy in these 16 points? Where is the study of the fundamental nature of … anything … here? And 16 points? Come on. The ten commandments of the Alt Right overgrowing it’s numbering scheme? I don’t want to dismiss it just because it looks on the surface like a haphazardly thrown together list of n points about some en-vogue topic of the week in Huffpo or the like. But frankly, the whole thing could use some professional marketing intervention. Continue reading Vox Day’s Alt Right in 16 points