Error – found bad sector in brain

Fehler im Gehirn

Part of growing up is to rebel against your parents, to reject their views and rules and to feel immortal. This starts in the early teens and usually ends when the brain is fully developed, i.e. when you reach 24-25 years of age. An intellectual emancipation takes place, starting from the enforced and partially accepted subjugation to the parents, ending in your final rejection of their way of life or your acceptance of it. This is influenced by the parents themselves, school and the environment. But if the parents are wimpy liberals, the teachers are lefty-green idealists and the environment, especially the media hammers into your brain that all ways of life are somehow equal as long as you buy the correct cell-phone, then you get the results that we witness now. There arises a mass of thoughtless do-gooders who lean towards a spiritual r-strategy (a biological r-strategy would result in a high birth rate, but this is not the case in the west). This r-strategy makes them unable to see the risks and dangers on the horizon, it makes them myopic; they recognize hazards only when they show up in front of their nose, ready to bash their heads in. Continue reading Error – found bad sector in brain