The collusion of the idle

I used ‘idle’ in the headline, because it cognates with the German word ‘eitel’ which means ‘vain’, and both words describe the people I mean. The idle are two groups in the population which couldn’t be more different if you look at them. The one group is a very small part of every country, the heirs, those who inherit huge assets from their parents. I’m not talking about the average guy who may inherit an old house, a used car and maybe some rather worthless family jewelry. I’m talking about people who inherit fortunes, whole companies, huge estates with mansions, golf clubs or castles. One of their forebears must have been an extraordinarily smart and lucky bastard who founded this family dynasty. I say bastards not because I don’t like them or to imply that they have been born out of wedlock, but because after reading the family histories of the rich and wealthy, you quite often find a bit of criminal energy in the founder of the dynasty or in the people surrounding him. Continue reading The collusion of the idle