5 Gründe warum wir alle links sein müssen

Da ich bei meinem jüngsten Motorrad Unfall, zwar mit Helm, aber dennoch, auf den Kopf gefallen bin, und außerdem gerade der 1.1. war, wenn man sich was fürs neue Jahr vornimmt, nun das. Die 5 wichtigsten Gründe, warum dem Rechten, dem Konservativen, dem Liberalen, dem Libertären abzuschwören ist und warum Links das einzig Wahre ist. Continue reading 5 Gründe warum wir alle links sein müssen


The inquisition gets reinstated in Canada

If anyone listened to the debates about Bill C16 and heard what Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad had to say about the tyrannical nature of such a law as well as the many unintended side effects, you now have proof that what these two super smart guys said is currently playing out in real life. A teaching assistant named Lindsay Shepherd played an internet-TV clip of Jordan Peterson debating the gender pronoun issues with two other people and a moderator. You know, little Lindsay is only 22 and still believes in the free marketplace of ideas. She seems to have no idea what kind of country she’s living in these days. Continue reading The inquisition gets reinstated in Canada

The SJW degree in Freiburg, Germany

The link came to my attention via:


University website:


First, you should know that university education in Germany is basically “free”. The student has to pay a registration fee of 150 EUR per semester, which adds up to 1,200 EUR (roughly 1,300 USD) over the 4 year course. Each student has to cover his living expenses by himself. Non-European (Non-EU-Memberstates) students have to pay up to 10 times more, but there are plenty of exceptions, and even these higher fees don’t cover the universities expenses. So, the whole shenanigans are tax payer funded.

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