Do not compete

Political parties compete, managers compete, companies compete, most people say capitalism is competition, free markets are competition. What’s wrong with competition? Simple. One wins, all the others loose, after that it’s a race to the bottom. What you want to do is to create a monopoly. That’s when you win without competing (much). Continue reading Do not compete


Dodging the shellfire is getting ever more difficult

Community guidelines, Demonetization, Twitter and Facebook bans, Hate Speech laws, getting kicked off of Patreon, getting fined and jailed for “incitement of the masses”, … etc, etc

What’s next? Loosing your job or being denied an education for anti-socialist behavior? Already happening. Getting jailed for speech against the “righteous public feeling” (de: gesundes Volksempfinden. Not to be conflated with ‘common sense’.)? The signs are on the wall.

Where will this all end? It may well end in gulags and labor/concentration camps and reeducation camps – again! Whether it’s a straight or squiggly line to the final point, we already know where this is going, where the endpoint is. We need to be aware that every single step into suppressing free speech is a step in the wrong direction, a step on the path into totalitarianism, when we start killing people for having a different opinion. Continue reading Dodging the shellfire is getting ever more difficult


Behelfsmäßig aus dem Englischen (demonetization) eingedeutscht, aber jeder weiß was damit gemeint ist. Vor allem ist das derzeit bei YouTube das große Thema, meist bei solchen Vloggern, die 100% ihres Einkommens aus ihren Videos erzielen. Aber bei TichysEinblick und der ‘Achse des Guten‘ war es vor Kurzem ja auch ein großes Problem. Wir erleben eine überfällige Neuorientierung des Medien- und Werbemarktes und keiner weiß wie das zukünftige Modell aussehen wird. Continue reading Demonetisierungs-Orgien