My problem with AVFM

Not only with AVFM, but also many mans-rights websites who claim to advocate for men’s issues.

1. Size matters

I use AVFM here as a poster child for thousands of MRM websites which deal with one or the other men’s issues. AVFM is one of the better known sites with an Alexa ranking around 100,000 and monthly pageviews of around 900,000. Most of the sites with similar topics run with 10% or less of the traffic AFVM creates.

Let’s look at other categories, as you may know the often so called ‘manosphere’ broke itself up into MRM, PUA and MGTOW. The largest pick-up-artist (PUA) site is, Alexa rank 18,762, with around 10 million pageviews per month. Following is probably with roughly the same ranking/traffic as AVFM. Then there’s, Alexa rank around 100,000 but with 3.5 million pageviews per month.

Look at the opposition: One of the large pure Feminist websites is, which has about the same reach as the PUA website A much more popular feminist hotbed is, which combines everyday women’s topics with feminist propaganda, rank 1,246 and 163 million pageviews per month.

Let’s look even further to get a feel for big websites: or are independent conservative websites and rank in Alexa around the 10,000 mark with 10-15 million pageviews per month. Your average print media based newspaper site ranks in the 200 to 1,000 range and gets 100 to 1,000 million pageviews per month.

AVFM — MGTOW — PUA /Feminism/Conservative — real newspapers
1 mio —- 3 mio ——10 mio —- ——- — — — — —- —- 100 mio +

Why would the main stream media pick up any MRM or MGTOW topic, if they can write about PUA’s or Feminists with 10 times the potential audience? If the two former want to get heard at all by the larger public, they need to offer more value to the reader and grow rapidly and tremendously. Remember, the media is overwhelmingly left/socialist and they don’t care about fringe groups, unless they make a big stink (like RooshV recently).

2. Mission, vision, goals, values?

The AVFM mission reads like a long list of detailed requests for changes in the laws. Read them quickly and tell me without looking at their site, in one clear and short statement, what their mission is. Anything? What is the usual way to get this or that law changed in a Democracy? Yep, join a party, start convincing people and get that law through the parliaments. Learn how to use the media like a politician does. That’s how it could work. But then I read their ‘values’ and see that they don’t want to get involved in politics. Hmmmm. Is there some secret vision and goals for some ‘underground’ fighters that we don’t know about? I believe not. It’s like ‘we complain, but will do nothing about it‘. Since you’re such great analyzers of the human condition, haven’t you figured out yet that only if women complain something might get done in politics. Men are not taken seriously when they complain, they are expected to DO something about it. That’s just how the world is.

MGTOW don’t care much about politics, they find or found their own way of living their lives with the least possible interference from states or other leeches. Many MGTOW think that the system will break down anyway and we will sit on the fence, watching it burn.

PUA may get in serious trouble when governments continue to make laws regarding rape or harassment that are designed to discriminate against men. I guess some of them are far more likely to get into politics after their buddies get thrown in jail for ridiculous trumped up charges.

Since the MRM is the smallest party in the battle, but arrogantly demands that the bigger groups be subordinates, it’s no wonder they are ignored. Your only chance is to give up some of your bullshit and join a much bigger force. The feminists understood this early and are already firmly established in many political parties.

3. What politics?

You need to understand what the left/liberal politics is and fight it. Simply said, the less able, the lazy, the perpetual takers and whiners, the weak in the society tend to be in favor of left/liberal politics. They understand that they have no chance of a good life all by themselves and that they need to take the stuff from the able and strong. Without the strong, industrious people, they would live like in a third world country. The only way they can take my stuff (besides robbery) is to vote for a government that takes my stuff and gives it to them. They will continue their plunder until nothing is left to take. These people have no capacity to look over their – I want free shit now – horizon. And I guess, even if they could, they wouldn’t care. If we let the poor, especially the ‘poor womyn’ rule, men will be slaves, forever.

Men’s politics is 100% conservative with a big peppery dash of libertarian sauce. These are people who understand that there’s no free lunch. Great men and (unfortunately only a few) great women push society forward, build stuff, make discoveries and are the reason we live in first world countries. There is no reason at all to feel ashamed that these were mainly WHITE great men and women. Non-white great people are always welcome to join; no sane person would want to exclude them. And there’s no reason to let even more weak, whining takers into our western countries, we already have plenty of those, thank you very much. Conservatives understand that you need plenty of strong, smart men to build and maintain a first world country. Everything that weakens men must be abolished.


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