The TWO Chinese viruses sweeping the world

One is obviously the SARS-COV-2, which most probably escaped a bio-lab in Wuhan sometime in 2019. The other is Chinese style totalitarianism, which does not focus on individual freedom, but excuses its excesses with safety/security and some level of prosperity. So many countries around the world tried and still try to copy the Chinese lockdown measures, their initial mask mandates, their curfews, their definition of “essential businesses”, etc., in the name of fighting an allegedly very dangerous and very deadly virus.

Even the early Chinese data about the infection showed that it mainly affects very old people, and people with other serious health conditions, including some info about obesity as a strong indicator of vulnerability. And obesity doesn’t mean you’re a bit round around the middle, but that a man has over 30% body fat, a women has over 40%.

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Der Weg zum weichen Totalitarismus

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Es ist frustrierend, dass ich gerade ein Buch fertig geschrieben habe, Live Not By Lies, aber bis Ende September warten muss, bis es veröffentlicht wird. So viel von seinem Inhalt ist höchst relevant für die schwere soziale Krise, die die USA heute erleben. Das Buch beginnt folgendermaßen:

“Es gibt immer diesen Irrglauben: ‘Hier wäre es nicht dasselbe, hier sind solche Dinge unmöglich.’ Ach, all das Böse des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts ist überall auf der Erde möglich.” – Aleksandr Solschenizyn

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Defund the …

police? Mhmm, maybe in parts? Like all state services it should only offer essential services, which the individual citizen normally can’t do on his own, or isn’t allowed to. Issuing traffic tickets should e.g. be done by the city or district, so that you could actually call the real police on them if they harass you too much or try to take away your property. This harassment is in my experience the main cause for hate on the police, not just for blacks, for everyone. If these traffic goons have no real police power anymore, you can direct all your hatred towards the mayor, as he’s the one directing the haymaking through fines and penalties. Vote for someone who’s not an asshole or an idiot. Continue reading Defund the …

Beendet die Minderheiten-Politik – Jetzt!

Die Corona-Krise ist ein Ergebnis der Minderheiten-Politik. Seit einigen Dekaden muss man sich immer wieder das Gejammer anhören, dass eine Politik, die 80-90-95-99% der Gesellschaft nutzt, ganz furchtbar diskriminierend sei, für einen i.d.R. winzigen Prozentsatz der Bevölkerung. Continue reading Beendet die Minderheiten-Politik – Jetzt!

UK: The first european shithole country

Currently I’m still too angry to make a coherent comment. The Nazi-style judge of the case imposed a gag order, preventing everyone who knows the details to talk about it. The only thing that comes to mind is, if the British people don’t get up and send an unmistakeable message to their government now, urgently, you’re done. That’s how you become an enslaved nation. Continue reading UK: The first european shithole country